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o as in pot or a as in father
e as in get (but a little higher in mouth)
ee as in keep
o as in hope
oo as in root or scoop
u as in put or u in undo (higher through nose)
ie as in pie (but shorter)
oy as in toy (but a little slower)
h as in horse
v as in having (with lips only--NO teeth)
k as in skip (farther back in throat than English)
qu as in queen (farther back in throat than English)
m as in meat
n as in neat
p as in speech (no puff of air after it)
tt as in batter or d as in rider
s as in same
t of stop (flat of the tongue not just the tip)
ts as in hits or beets
w as in weather
y as in yet
glottal stop, like the pause in uh-oh