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site:nytimes.com ~college "test scores" -SATs 2008..2010 ("site:" only searches the pages of that site, "~" will also search related words such as 'higher education' and 'university', "" are used to search for the exact phrase but not the words separately, "-" excludes this term from the search, ".." shows all results from within the designated timerange)
What you want - NYTimes *articles* about test scores in college, but not the SATs, written between 2008 and 2010:
filetype:pdf air speed intitle:velocity of *swallow ("filetype:" searches only results of the file type you designate, such as pdf, doc, jpg, etc., "intitle" only shows results with that word in the title (in this case, velocity))
What you want - a report on the different air speed velocities of common swallows:
author:green photosynthesis "tp buttz" ("author:" searches for papers by Green rather than papers involving the word "green")
What you want - *papers* about photosynthesis by Dr. Ronald L. Green and Dr. Thomas P. Buttz:
define:word (replace word with a word you want the definition of)
Good for quick word definitions: