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Pinch your nose closed, hold your breath move your head back and forth (this causes carbon dioxide to accumulate, which is the best natural vasodilator you can get)
How to clear your nose:
.pps instead of .ppt makes directly start the show
Saving a powerpoint presentation as a:
1) Red terminal on jumper to red terminal on jumpee 2) Black terminal on jumper to any metal part of the frame on jumpee 3) Rev jumper, turn on jumpee
How to jump-start a car:
Press a hot spoon onto the bite (the heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction and the itching will stop)
How to get rid of a Mosquito bite:
z y x w v and u, t and s and r and q, p o n m l k j, i h g f e-d-c-b-a
How to say the alphabet backwards:
Get under the steering wheel and take apart the piece of plastic containing all the wires, find the 2 red wires and strip them, cross the 2 red wires, find a single brown wire and strip it, slightly touch the brown wire to the red wire until the car starts, once the car is on, disconnect the brown wire from the red
How to hotwire a car: