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Founding fathers

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Jean Monnet
First president (1952) of the High Authority of the ECSC, chief architect of European unity
Robert Schuman
French foreign minister proposing and planning the ECSC with Monnet
Konrad Adenauer
First German chancellor integrating post-war (West) Germany in Europe
Winston Churchill
British Prime minister calling for a "United States of Europe"
Paul-Henri Spaak
Belgian Prime Minister leading the formulation of the Treaties of Rome
Johan Willem Beyen
Dutch politician and banker suggesting a common market plan
Joseph Bech
Luxembourgish prime minister, one of the architects of ECSC and the Treaties of Rome
Alcide De Gasperi
Italian Prime Minister mediating for freedom in Europe
Walter Hallstein
First President of the European Commission 1958–1967
Sicco Mansholt
Dutch farmer and politician laying the basis for the Common Agricultural Policy
Jacques Delors
President of the European Commission 1985–1995