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n... || tidy and in good order ; good ; پاکیزه ، تمیز ، مرتب
hand over
... over || to give something to someone with your hand ; to give someone power or responsibility over something ; دادن با دست ، اجازه دادن
a... || to desire and work towards achieving something important ; آرزو داشتن
e... || a large strong bird with a curved beak which eats meat and can see very well ; عقاب
a... || a strong desire for success ; بلند همتی ، آرزو
w... || the grain that bread is made from, or the plant that it grows on گندم
..y || a narrow beam of light, heat, etc ; a small amount ; پرتو ، اشعه تابشی ، یک مقدار کم
b... || to make beer ; دم کردن چایی ، اتفاق افتادن طوفان ، مخلوط چند چیز
...e || a continuous pain which is unpleasant but not strong ; درد ، درد گرفتن
...n || to lend ; an act of borrowing or lending something ; قرض ، وام ، قرض دادن
m... || رهن ، گرو گذاشتن
i... || a brief period between the parts of a play, film, concert, etc. ; زنگ تنفس
dry up
If a supply of something d...es ..., it ends ; تمام شدن ، خشک شدن آب دریا
carry out
... out || to do something that needs to be organized and planned ; There is a shortage of people to c... ... research.
d... || being in a state between sleeping and being awake ; خواب آلود