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1) a type of flat hat that has a curved part sticking out at the front, and is often worn as part of a uniform 2) a protective covering that you put on the end or top of an object [= top]
(AE) a sweet food made from sugar or chocolate
a stick of wax with a string through the middle, which you burn to give light
a place where people stay in tents, shelters etc for a short time, usually in the mountains, a forest etc
1) relaxed and quiet, not angry, nervous, or upset 2) if a place, period of time, or situation is *, there is less activity, trouble etc than there sometimes is, or than there has been recently
1) a set of pages that show the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, that you usually hang on a wall 2) (AE) a book with separate spaces or pages for each day of the year, on which you write
a small electronic machine that can add, multiply etc
a situation in a sports competition in which a player or a team does not have an opponent to play against and continues to the next part of the competition
sb who buys sth expensive such as a house or car [≠ seller, vendor]
sb who owns or works in a shop that sells meat
an injury caused by fire, heat, the light of the sun, or acid
1) to hit or knock against sth 2) to move up and down as you move forward, especially in a vehicle
(BE) a person or a company that builds or repairs buildings
1) (informal) an illness that people catch very easily from each other but is not very serious 2) (AE) a small insect 3) a fault in the system of instructions that operates a computer
1) (informal) a friend 2) (AE - spoken) used to talk to a man or boy, especially one you do not know
to clean sth or make sth smooth and tidy using a brush
the amount of space a container, room etc has to hold things or people
1) an important city where the main government of a country, state etc is 2) money or property, especially when it is used to start a business or to produce more wealth
1) a long pointed orange vegetable that grows under the ground 2) (informal) sth that is offered to sb in order to try and persuade them to do sth
1) a short film that is made by photographing a series of drawings 2) a funny drawing in a newspaper or magazine, especially about politicians or events in the news
to make a profit from a situation in a way that other people think is wrong or unfair
(compact disc) a small circular piece of hard plastic on which high quality recorded sound or large quantities of information can be stored
1) the inner surface of the top part of a room 2) the largest number or amount of sth that is officially allowed
an occasion or party when you celebrate sth
1) the smallest part of a living thing that can exist independently 2) a small room in a prison or police station where prisoners are kept
a unit for measuring length. There are 100 *s in one metre
1) a beakfast food made from grain and usually eaten with milk 2) a plant grown to produce grain, for example wheat, rice etc
an official document that states that a fact or facts are true
1) a series of metal rings which are joined together in a line and used for fastening things, supporting weights, decoration etc 2) a connected series of events or actions, especially which lead to a final result
sb, especially a man, who is in charge of a meeting or directs the work of a committee or an organization
1) to refuse to accept that sth is right, fair, or legal 2) to invite sb to compete or fight against you, or to try to win sth
1) a television station and all the programmes that it broadcasts 2) a system or method that you use to send or obtain information, goods, permission etc
1) one of the parts into which a book is divided 2) a particular period or event in someone's life or in history
a quality or feature of sth or sb that is typical of them and easy to recognize
1) an organization that gives money, goods, or help to people who are poor, sick etc 2) money or gifts given to help people who are poor, sick etc
information that is clearly arranged in the form of a simple picture, set of figures, graph etc, or a piece of paper with this information on it [= diagram]
to quickly follow sb or sth in order to catch them
to behave in a dishonest way in order to win or to get an advantage, especially in a competition, game, or examination
a substance used in chemistry or produced by a chemical process
a scientist who has special knowledge and training in chemistry
a small round red or black fruit with a long thin stem and a stone in the middle
1) to cut sth into smaller pieces 2) (informal) to reduce an amount of money by a large amount
1) (informal BE) to throw sth in a careless or relaxed way 2) to throw sth away because you do not want it any more
(BE) a building in which films are shown [= movie theater AE]
relating to the people who live in a country
a room that you have lessons in at a school or college
1) (BE) sb whose job is to clean other people's houses, offices etc 2) a machine or substance used for cleaning
1) sb who keeps records or accounts in an office 2) (AE) sb whose job is to help people in a shop or when they arrive at and leave a hotel
1) to make a short hard sound, or make something produce this sound 2) to press a button on a computer mouse to choose something from the screen that you want the computer to do, or to press a butto
1) not open [= shut; ≠ open] 2) not willing to accept new ideas or influences
1) very carefully 2) to a very great degree
(AE) a cupboard built into the wall of a room from the floor to the ceiling
material used for making things such as clothes
1) a white or grey mass in the sky that forms from very small drops of water 2) a mass of dust, smoke etc in the air, or a large number of insects flying together
sb who trains a person or team in a sport
the area where the land meets the sea
a piece of metal, usually flat and round, that is used as money
1) if a building, wall etc *s, it falls down suddenly, usually because it is weak or damaged 2) if a system, idea, or organization *s, it suddenly fails or becomes too weak to continue
1) the part of a shirt, coat etc that fits around your neck, and is usually folded over 2) a narrow band of leather or plastic that is fastened around an animal's neck
1) a tall solid upright stone post used to support a building or as a decoration 2) a line of numbers or words written under each other that goes down a page
1) two or more different things that exist together or are used or put together 2) the series of numbers or letters you need to open a combination lock
1) if you * two or more different things, or if they *, they begin to exist or work together 2) to have two or more different features or qualities at the same time
to express an opinion about sb or sth [= remark]
1) related to business and the buying and selling of goods and services 2) a commercial product is one that is produced and sold in large quantities
1) a group of people who have been given the official job of finding out about sth or controlling sth 2) an extra amount of money that is paid to a person or organization according to the value
a group of people chosen to do a particular job, make decisions etc
1) to exchange information or conversation with other people, using words, signs, writing etc 2) to pass a disease from one person or animal to another
the process of comparing two or more people or things
1) if one company or country *s with another, it tries to get people to buy its goods or services rather than those available from another company or country 2) to try to gain sth and stop sb else from having it or having as much of it
determined or trying very hard to be more successful than other people or businesses
a statement in which sb complains about sth
consisting of many different parts and often difficult to understand [= complicated; ≠ simple]
1) the ability to think about sth carefully or for a long time 2) a process in which you put a lot of attention, energy etc into a particular activity
an idea of how sth is, or how sth should be done
a performance given by musicians or singers
1) to decide that sth is true after considering all the information you have 2) (formal) to complete sth you have been doing, especially for a long time
1) sth you decide after considering all the information you have 2) (formal) the end or final part of sth [= end]
1) sure that sth will happen in the way that you want or expect 2) sure that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully
1) a state of disagreement or argument between people, groups, countries etc 2) fighting or a war
1) unable to understand or think clearly what sb is saying or what is happening 2) not clear or not easy to understand
unclear and difficult to understand
when you do not understand what is happening or what sth means because it is not clear
used when you want to congratulate sb
the way in which two facts, ideas, events etc are related to each other, and one is affected or caused by the other [= link]
sth that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions
fairly large, especially large enough to have an effect or be important
much or a lot
1) always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards etc - usually used to show approval 2) continuing to happen or develop in the same way
1) happening regularly or all the time 2) staying the same
all the time, or very often
the process of building things such as houses, bridges, roads etc
to ask for information or advice from sb because it is their job to know sth
sb who buys and uses products and services
the amount of a substance that is contained in sth, especially food or drink
1) continuing to happen or exist without stopping 2) sth such as a line that is * does not have any spaces or holes in it
1) to give money, help, ideas etc to sth that a lot of other people are also involved in 2) to help to make sth happen
1) useful to you because it saves you time, or does not spoil your plans or cause you problems 2) close and easy to reach
1) to make sb feel certain that sth is true 2) to persuade sb to do sth [= persuade]
(BE) a large piece of equipment for cooking food on or in [= stove AE]
(AE) a small flat sweet cake [= biscuit BE]