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Aquatic Life Zones
Saltwater and freshwater portions of the biosphere that can support life.
Saltwater/marine lifezones
The ecosystem within bodies of salt water; these can include oceans, ocean bays, estuaries, wetlands, coral reefs, mangrove forests, and shorelines.
Freshwater life zones
Ecosystems within bodies of freshwater; these can include lakes, rivers, streams, and inland wetlands.
Strongly swimming consumers such as fish, turtles, and whales.
Bottom-dwellers such as oysters and sea stars
Organisms that break down organic compounds and wastes into nutrients
Weakly swimming, free-floating organisms
Level of cloudiness in water
large natural bodies of standing freshwater formed when precipitation, runoff, streams, rivers, and groundwater seepage fill depressions in the earth's surface
oligotrophic lakes
poorly nourished lakes that are often deep with steep banks
eutrophic lake
well nourished lake that are typically shallow and have murky brown or green water with high turbidity
cultural eutrophication
when runoff from nearby urban or agricultural areas puts excess nutrients into lakes
mesotrophic lakes
lake with a moderate supply of surface water
Inland Wetlands
Lands located away from coastal areas that are covered with freshwater all or part of the time
Surface Water
Percipitation that does not sink into the ground or evaporate
Surface water that flows into bodies of water
Watershed/drainage basin
The land area rgar delivers runoff, sediment, and dissolved substances into a stream
Coastal zone
Warm, nutrient rich shallow water that borders the edge of an ocean
intertidal zone
the area of shoreline between high and low tides, organisms living there must be able to avoid being swept away or crushed by waves and being immersed when the tide is high and being hot and dry at low tides
Places where rivers meet oceans and brackish water is created
Coastal wetlands
coastal land areas covered with water all or part of the year