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the creation and growth of urban areas, or cities and their surrounding developed land
Urban growth
the rate of increase of urban populations
Urban Sprawl
the growth of low-density developments on the edges of cities and towns
noise pollution
any unwanted, disturbing, or harmful sound that impairs or interferes with hearing, causes stress, hampers concentration and work efficiency, or causes accidents
Land-use planing
determining the best present and future use of each parcel of land
smart growth
the efficient use and conservation of land and other resources
eco cities or green cities
environmentally sustainable cities
natural population increase
more births than deaths
movement of individuals into an area occupied by an existing population
cities with more than 10 million people
streets, bridges, schools, housing, water supply pipes, dams, and sewers
urban heat island
Local heat buildup in an area of high population density
a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions
dispersed cities
combination of plentiful land, cheap gas, and networks of highways
full-cost pricing
An approach to pricing that defines the cost base as all costs incurred.
heavy rail
mass transit like subway, elevated railways, metro trains operating on excluxive right of way tracks
light rail
streetcars, trolley cars, and tramways
property taxes
taxes paid by anyone who owns property such as land, a home or commercial real estate
mixed-use development
development that combines housing and businesses in one area
fundamental land
Land that is protected by the government to ensure urban sprawl does not occur
urban growth boundary
Geographical boundaries placed around a city to limit suburban growth within that city.
open or forested areas built at the outer edge of a city.
cluster development
the economic development of business clusters