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green house effect
warms the earths lower atmosphere and surface and affects the earth's climate
green house gases
water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide
give positive feedback
give negative feedback
rapid global change in climate
weather measurements averagements over a period of several decades
trying to manipulate certain natural conditions to help counter an enhanced greenhouse effect
cap and rebate
all money made by any trades would go straight back to the public in the form of cash payments
El Nino
Causes increased droughts and alters other weather conditions over much of the globe. Changes in the trade winds causes the Pacific Ocean's current to change
Occurs when evaporation from increased temperatures greatly exceeds precipitation for a prolonged period.
Burning biomass for fertilizer
Carbon Capture and Storage
Remove c02 from the smokestacks of coal burning power and industrial plants and to store it somewhere
Ozone hole
The observed loss of ozone
Ozone Thining
ozone depletion varies with altitude and location
Copenhgaen Protocol
An amendment that accerlated the phase-out of key ozone depleting chemicals
Montreal Protocol
Meeting in Montreal to cut emissions of CFCs by about 35%
Kyoto Protocol
Meeting to slow global warming and the resulting project climate disruption
Technology Transfer
Government of more developed countries could help to fund the transfer of the lastest green technologies to less developed countries.
Level the economic playing field
Increasing government subsidies to buisnesses and inviduals to encourge their use of energy efficient technologies
Cap and Trade
Government issues permits to emite pollutants and then let polluters trade their permits in the marketplace
Climate tipping points
thresholds beyond which natural systems can change irrversibly
carbon capture and storage
remove CO2 from the smokestack of coal-burning power and industrial plants and to store it somewhere
Carbon neutral
cutting its net caarbon emissions to zero by 2030
Carbon taxes
fees on each unit of CO2 or CH4 emitted by fossil fuel use.
cap and trade/pollution reduction
a permit-trading system in which government determines an acceptable level of pollution and then issues pollution parties permits to pollute. A company receives credit for amounts it does not emit and can then sell this credit to other companies.
cap and rebate
scheme in which all money made by any trades would go straight back to the public in the form of cash payments
determined by the average weather conditions of the earth or of a particular area espically temperature and precpiation