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Atmospheric Pressure
The force or mass per unit of a colomb of air
atmosphere layer closes to the earth
the autmospheres second layer
Ozone Layer
A concentrated portion of the stratosphere
Air Pollution
Presence of chemicals in the autmosphere
Primary Pollutants
Substances emmitted directly into the air from natural processes
Secondary Pollutants
Primary pollutants combine with natural componants to form new chemicals
Industrial Smog
Air pollution thst consists of an unhealthy mix of sulfur dioxide, suspended droplets of sulfuric acid, and a variety of suspended solid particles
Photochemical smog
A mixture of primary and secondary pollutants formed under the influence of UV radiation from the sun
Carbon oxides
A colorless, oderless, and highly toxic gas that forms during the incomplete combustion of carbon containing material
Sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid
Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas with an irritating odor; sulfuric acid is suspended droplets of sulfur dioxide
Organic compounds that exist as gases in the atmosphere or that evaporate from sources on earth into the atmosphere
Nitrogen Oxides and Nitric Acid
A colorless gas that forms when nitrogen and oxygen gas react under high combustion temperatures in automobiles engines and coal burning power and industrial plants
A variety of solid particles and liquid droplets that are small and light enough to remain suspended in the air for long periods of time
Temperature Inversion
When a layer of warm air lies atop a layer of cooler air
Acid deposition
Acid rain that includes two forms of deposition, wet and dry