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Energy Efficiency
How much work we can get from each unit of energy used, the measure of the useful energy produced compared to energy converted to low quality heat energy
Using a CHP system two produce two forms of energy such as steam used to produce electricity being used as a source of heat for nearby buildings
Combined heat and power (CHP)
Two useful forms of energy are produced from the same source
Payments from the government to help businesses thrive
Passive Solar Heating system
Absorbs and stores heat from the sun directly with an insulated structure. doesn't require mechanical devices to distribute the collected heat
Active Solar Heating system
Captures energy from the sun by pumping heat absorbing fluid through collecters
Geothermal Energy
Heat stored in soil, underground rocks, and fluids in the mantle. geothermal heat pump systems are used to produce electricity from energy from suitable sites
Power plant
Produces electricity from different things such as coal, uranium, oil or natural gas. nuclear power plant wastes 92% energy
Incandescent lightbulb
Only uses 5% of energy for light and other 95% is wasted. electric light with a wire heated so it glows
Internal combustion engine
Propels most motor vehicles and wastes 80% of the energy in fuel. fuel is usually gasoline or oil
Coal fired power plant
Wastes about 66% of energy that is released. wastes 75-80% including extraction/transportation
Energy wasting electric motor
Uses one fourth of the energy in the united states
Smart grid
A more efficient digitally controlled grid to replace the current US electrical grid system
Corporate Average Fuel Economy
Set standards for fuel efficiency in the US. CAFE is the sales weighted average fuel economy. this is average mileage traveled by an automobile per gallon of fuel which is set by EPA
PV cells/Solar cells
Thin wafers of purified silicon that is able to produce electricity
Dry cooling
Uses fans and heat to exchangers to transfer excess heat to the atmosphere
Wet cooling
Water must be replenished constantly because it evaporates and is released into atmosphere
Wind farms
Farms with many wind turbines to produce energy