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What was the name of the ship carrying immigrants from the Caribbean, which sailed to the UK in 1948?
What was the name of the campaign in India to force out the British
Quit India Movement
Which year was the Suez Crisis?
Which African colony declared independence from the UK in 1957?
Gold Coast
Who was the leader of the Gold Coast?
Kwame Nkrumah
Which Uk law allowed all citizens of the British Empire the right to settle in Britain?
Nationality Act
Where did anti-immugrant riots break out in 1958?
Notting Hill
Which organisation was founded in 1957 by 6 European Countries?
European Economic Community (EEC)
In which year were the Brixton Riots?
Which European leader rejected Britain's application to join the EEC?
Charles De Gaulle
Which law did the Conservatives introduce in 1962, which halted any further immigration to Britain?
Commonwealth Immigrants Act
Which law in 1965 banned racial discrimination in Britain?
Race Relations Act
What was the name given to Enoch Powell's speech, in which he warned against the dangers of immigration?
Rivers of Blood
Which country did the Indian community flee from in the 1970s to escape persecution from General Idi Amin?
Which year did Britain join the EEC?
Which war did Margaret Thatcher defeat Argentina?
Falklands War
What was the name of the treaty in which Britain agreed to transfer more power to the EU?
Maastricht Treaty
In 2015, in which part of the world did 90% of immigrants to Britain come from?
Eastern Europe
What was the name of the right-wing extremists in Britain who caused trouble in areas with diverse populations?
National Front