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Which English king invaded France in 1345?
Edward III
Which battle did the English defeat the French in 1346?
Battle of Crecy
Which year did the English defeat the French at the Battle of Poitiers?
Which king led England to victory at the Battle of Agincourt?
Henry V
Who led the French in an uprising against the English?
Joan of Arc
Which port-city did Mary I lose control of in 1558?
Which English monarch encouraged attacks against Spanish and Portuguese galleons?
Elizabeth I
What was the name of the 'lost' English colony in Virginia?
Which company funded England's first permanent colony in Virginia?
Virginia Company
What was the name of the first permanent English colony in North America?
Which product did the English make a large profit from in Virginia?
Which religion did the English settlers in Jamestown try to convert the Native Americans to?
Which group of people set up a new colony in New England to escape religious persecution?
Pilgrim Fathers
Who was the founder of England's system of triangular trade?
John Hawkins
how many African slaves did England transport to the Americas?
3.1 million
Which Caribbean island did the English settle in to produce sugar and tobacco?
In which area of Ireland did English and Scottish Protestant settlers settle in?
What was the name of the French Protestants who settled in England to escape persecution?
What was the name of the war between Britain and France in 1756-63?
Seven Years' War
What was the motto used by Americans to protest against high taxation and no political representation?
No taxation without representation