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1) Something felt to resemble ____ especially in caustic quality; Especially virulence of feeling or of speech. 2) A sulfate of any of various metals (such as copper, iron, or zinc) Especially glassy hydrate of such a sulfate
1) The gape of a bird's mouth. 2a) The mouth orifice. 2b) A gaping grin or grimace
To bewitch or enchant something
1) A tapestry of Flemish origin used especially for wall hangings and curtains. 2) A wall hanging or screen of tapestry.
1) The quality or state of being faithless or disloyal; treachery. 2) An act or an instance of disloyalty.
1) A fever (such as malaria) marked by paroxysms of chills, fever, and sweating that recur at regular intervals. 2) A fit of shivering.
1) An earthy usually red or yellow and often impure iron ore used as a pigment. 2) The color of ocher, especially yellow ocher.
1) A farm tipcart. 2) A vehicle carrying condemned persons (such as political prisoners during the French Revolution) to a place of execution.
(Noun): 1a) A method of execution by strangulation. 1b) The apparatus used. 2) An implement (such as a wire with a handle at each end) for strangulation. (Verb): To strangle with or as if with a _______.
1) A transverse drain. 2) A conduit for a _______. 3) A bridge over a _____.
1) The outer wall of a castle or any of several walls surrounding the keep. 2) A courtyard within the external wall or between two outer walls of a castle.
extremely harmful or poisonous; bitterly hostile or antagonistic
1) A common black and gray bird (Corvus monedula) of Eurasia and northern Africa that is related to but smaller than the carrion crow. 2) Grackle; ny of a genus (Quiscalus of the family Icteridae) of large American blackbirds having iridescent black plumage.
a male servant
1) A person who works in brass. 2) A pan for holding burning coals. 3) A utensil in which food is exposed to heat through a wire grill.
1) Frost. 2) An accumulation of granular ice tufts on the windward sides of exposed objects that is formed from supercooled fog or cloud and built out directly against the wind. 3) Crust; incrustation
A building or chamber in which bodies or bones are deposited. Also called a _______ house.
1) A row of balusters topped by a rail. 2) A low parapet or barrier.
A dagger with a usually slender blade of triangular or square cross section
Having or occurring in great variety; diverse
1) Having the appearance of truth; probable. 2) Depicting realism (as in art or literature)
The fiber of the _____ palm used especially as cord for tying and weaving.
1) The study of versification, especially the systematic study of metrical structure. 2) A particular system, theory, or style of versification. 3) The rhythmic and intonational aspect of language
1) Composed of incongruous parts. 2) Of different colors, especially spotted or blotched with black and white.
Expressive of suffering or woe; melancholy
1a) Putting an end to or precluding a right of action, debate, or delay specifically : not providing an opportunity to show cause why one should not comply. 1b) Admitting of no contradiction. 2) Expressive of urgency or command. 3a) Characterized by often imperious or arrogant self-assurance. 3b) Indicative of a ________ attitude or nature; haughty.
Not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped.
1) Laughter. 2) The ability or inclination to laugh —often used in plural