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1) A noteworthy statement,such as: a formal pronouncement of a principle, proposition, or opinion; an observation intended or regarded as authoritative. (Law 2) A judge's expression of opinion on a point other than the precise issue involved in determining a case
1) Short or broken fiber (as of flax, hemp, or synthetic material) that is used especially for yarn, twine, or stuffing. 2) Yarn or cloth made of such a fiber. 3) a loose essentially untwisted strand of synthetic fibers.
the state of occurring in intervals
1a) Branch. Offshoot. 1b) A branched structure. 2a) The act or process of branching. 2b) Arrangement of branches (as on a plant). 3) Consequence. Outgrowth.
1) To eliminate or make indistinct by or as if by wearing away a surface. 2) To cause to vanish. 3) To make (oneself) modestly or shyly inconspicuous
To make gestures especially when speaking.
1) To blend thoroughly into a harmonious whole. 2) To combine (funds or properties) into a common fund or stock.
1) Resembling a rose especially in color. 2) Overly optimistic. Viewed favorably.
(Adjective 1) Evil in nature, influence, or effect. Injurious. Malignant. Virulent. 2) Having or showing intense often vicious ill will. Malevolent. (Transitive verb): To utter injuriously misleading or false reports about. To speak evil of.
1a) Equipment. Trappings. Specifically: a soldier's outfit usually not including clothes and weapons —usually used in plural. 1b) An accessory item of clothing or equipment —usually used in plural. 2) An identifying and often superficial characteristic or device —usually used in plural.
A duplicator for making many copies that utilizes a stencil through which ink is pressed
To restore or return to the country of origin, allegiance, or citizenship.
1) One delegated by a superior to execute a duty or an office. 2a) A store for equipment and provisions, especially a supermarket for military personnel. 2b) Food supplies. 2c) A lunchroom especially in a motion-picture studio.
1a) Given to or abounding in aphoristic expression. 1b) Given to or abounding in excessive moralizing. 2) Terse, aphoristic, or moralistic in expression. Pithy. Epigrammatic.
Sweetbriar. An Old World rose (especially Rosa eleganteria) with stout recurved prickles and white to deep rosy-pink single flowers.
(Noun 1) Willow, especially whose pliable twigs are used for furniture and basketry. 2) A flexible slender twig or branch (as of osier). Withe. (Adjective): Flexibly tough.
1) To make dim or lusterless. 2) To reduce the light from. (Transitive): To become dim.
(Transitive 1) To draw or paint on a surface. 2) To outline in clear sharp detail. Delineate. 3) Describe
Prostitute. Strumpet.
1a) Marked by transparency. 1b) Clear and simple in style. 2) Absolutely serene and untroubled
A member of the bodyguard of a Danish or early English king or noble.