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An ---------- is a scent or smell. I love the ---------- of coffee in the morning.
A ---------- is a drink. The waiter brought our ---------- first. Then he brought our food.
A ---------- of things is a small group of them placed close together. She held a large ---------- of grapes in her hand.
To ---------- is to join together to make a single thing or group. Mina ---------- peanut butter and jelly to make a sandwich.
When a liquid is ----------, it is made thicker. One way to make a dessert thick and sweet is to use ---------- milk.
When something is ----------, it is related to the present time. ---------- scientists have learned quite a bit about DNA.
To ---------- plants is to care for them and help them grow. A research company is ---------- new kinds of rice to aid poor countries.
When something is ----------, it is related to gods. Legends say that music was given to men as a ---------- gift from the gods.
When it is ----------, there is a lot of water in the air. It is very ---------- inside of a sauna.
An ---------- is a very distinct smell. He knew there was a leak when he noticed the strong ---------- of natural gas.
The ---------- is the top part of the mouth. You can touch your ---------- with your tongue.
---------- is the place or condition of happiness where things are perfect. My vacation in Hawaii was like being in ----------.
A ---------- is a big farm that only grows certain kinds of crops. In the 1800s, there were many cotton ---------- in the southern US.
When something is ----------, it moves or changes very quickly. His mother was surprised by her son's ---------- growth.
A ---------- is the speed at which something happens. Grass tends to grow at a very slow ----------.
When something is -----------ing, it makes you calm or relaxed. The ---------- music helped the baby fall asleep. آرامش بخش، آرامی بخش، دارای اثر تسکین دهنده ، تسلیت.
When something is ----------, it is not easy to see or notice. The handsome man has a ---------- smile.
The ---------- of something is the way its surface looks and feels. The ---------- of a rock found in the water is typically very smooth.
When something is ----------, it is poisonous. Toxic things are very dangerous. Please check the label to see if the product is ----------.
To ---------- means to be different from another thing in size or amount. The heights of the people in my class ---------- by a large amount.
An ---------- is an unexpected undesirable event. She had to go to the hospital after she was in a serious car ----------.
An ---------- is someone who controls many military ships. They won the sea battle because of the ----------‘s great leadership. دریاسالار، امیرالبحر، فرمانده ، عالی ترین افسرنیروی دریائی.
An ---------- is a curved shape. A rainbow has the shape of an ----------.
Your ---------- is your personality. My sister's ---------- is fun and very outgoing.
Your ---------- is your inner sense of what is right and wrong. I recycle everything I can, so my ---------- is clear!
If something is ----------, it is burning strongly. The ---------- blaze burned all night long. آتشین، خودمونی: آتیشی
---------- is the skin, muscle and fat on your body. The zebra's ---------- has black and white stripes.
A ---------- is a fruit similar to an orange, but bigger and not as sweet. Would you like a ---------- with your breakfast?
---------- is dry grass used to feed animals or used as a covering. I need to buy some more ---------- for the horse to sleep on.
If you are ----------, you are very shocked and feel upset. I was ---------- when I read about the old lady who was attacked.
---------- is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves. Many people in poor countries cook on ---------- stoves.
A ---------- is a line made into the shape of a circle. He made a ---------- with the rope and placed it over the post.
A ---------- is a piece of wood or plastic that moves a boat across water. We need a ---------- to help us move across the water.
A ---------- is a floating platform made from pieces of wood tied together. The man made a ---------- out of bamboo and floated out to sea.
When something is ----------, it has a sharp and unpleasant taste. I don't like lemons because I think they are too ----------.
A ---------- is a small, sharp piece of wood or metal that is put into the ground. We marked our property by placing ---------- into the ground.
A ---------- is a person like a waiter who serves food on planes and ships. The ---------- is bringing some tea.
---------- is a thin piece of fabric or rope. I found a large ball of ----------.
A ---------- is a sharp part of a plant. Be careful of the ---------- when you pick the roses!
To ---------- something means to destroy or ruin it. The teenagers ---------- the house for no reason at all. خرد و متلاشی کردن، داغون کردن
To ---------- someone is to tell them you disapprove of their behavior. The teacher ---------- Mark because he was chewing gum in class.
If something is ----------, then it is able to be heard. The sound of the drums was ---------- from miles away.
If something or someone is ----------, they are impressive or frightening. The huge military plane was an ---------- sight.
To ---------- means to be careful of something or someone that is dangerous. You should ---------- of driving fast on wet roads.
To ---------- means to talk of one's abilities or achievements in a proud way. He had strong muscles and ---------- about it to the entire class.
If someone is ---------- of something, then they are aware of it. The new student was ---------- of the other students staring at her.
To ---------- with someone means to have a different opinion from them. The lawyers ---------- about the best way to settle the case.
To ---------- means that a sound repeats itself because it bounced off an object. The child yelled over the canyon, and the wall ---------- the sound.
If something is ----------, it will happen at the end of a series of events. The constant training and planning led the team to an ---------- victory.
A ---------- is information that suggests something will happen or is true. I quietly passed on a ---------- to my sister about the test.
An ---------- is a person who is not smart or who has done something silly. Because he got lost in the forest, the man felt like an ----------.
If something is ----------, it is very large. An ---------- amount of money was needed to buy such a large boat.
If something is ----------, then it is not the easiest or straightest way. He chose to take the most ---------- route to the coast.
An ---------- is a choice between two or more things. The children were given the ---------- of three houses to pick from.
A ---------- is an activity done for fun that you do often. In the US, baseball is considered the national ----------.
If something is ----------, then it is without any mistakes. She got all the questions right, so her score was ----------.
To ---------- something means to locate it exactly. The navigation system in my car is able to ---------- my exact location.
To ---------- means to change something to something else. Mom ---------- the TV station from the news to her favorite show.
If something or someone is ----------, then they are complete in everyway. Tina did a ---------- job of cleaning the stains out of the carpet.
To ---------- someone means to cause them to suffer on purpose. She ---------- her little brother by taking his favorite toy.
A ---------- is the hard curved part of a bird's mouth. The bird used her ---------- to dig a small hole in the ground.
If something is ----------, it is somewhat wet. My hair is still ---------- from my shower.
To ---------- of something is to think that it is wrong. Alex, ---------- of his son's behavior.
You use ---------- to talk about the only thing that a statement does not apply to. Everyone had fun on the trip ---------- Jim, who felt ill the whole time.
A ---------- is an act of flying, often in an airplane. The airplane made a ---------- around the world.
When someone is ---------- of something, they like it. I am very ---------- of chocolate cake.
When something or someone is ----------, they are evil or do bad things. Stealing money from one's mother is an ---------- act.
---------- is a plant with long vines that grows upward typically on walls. The walls of the castle are covered with ----------.
To ---------- is to make a low sound when feeling pain or sadness. The sick man ---------- from his bed.
If someone is ---------- of something, they are unaware of it. I was late to school because I was ---------- of the time.
To ---------- means to die, usually because of bad conditions or bad events. Many people ---------- in wars.
A ---------- is a big hole in the ground. Michael fell into the ---------- and needed some help to get out.
The ---------- is the outside edge of a round thing, like a cup or bottle. I put my lips to the ---------- of the bottle and took a drink.
A ---------- is a place where birds can land and rest or sleep. The family of doves made a ---------- at the top of the tree.
If something is ----------, it is wet or smooth and causes people to slip. The repairman fell down on the floor because it was too ----------.
To ---------- means to fly high in the air. As the sun rose, two eagles ---------- through the sky.
If something is ----------, it is not important or meaningful. Television is ----------, but learning to read is very important.
If something is ----------, it is normal for a certain type of thing. Barking is ---------- behavior for dogs.
If something is ---------- a way, it is completely that way. When the sun was blocked by the moon, it was ---------- dark outside.
To ---------- means to cry. My sister told me the dramatic movie would make me ----------.
If you do something ----------, you do it for a short time. Wait here ----------, and I'll bring some tea.
---------- is the imaginary place of the Internet where activities occur. I didn't receive your email. It probably got lost in ----------.
To ---------- means to correct a piece of writing so that it is suitable to be published. -She asked her brother to ---------- her paper before she submitted it to her teacher.
An ---------- is a short piece of writing on a certain subject. She had to write a two-page ---------- for her English class.
To ---------- something means to study it, so a decision can be made. Joe and Ken ---------- the plan and agreed that it would work.
To ---------- means to go unconscious and fall down. Carol ---------- because she hadn't eaten in over a day.
If something is ----------, it happens all around the world. Pollution is a ---------- problem.
A ---------- is a building with equipment that you can use to get exercise. When I go to the ----------, I use the treadmill for 20 minutes.
To ---------- something means to mark it with a color so that it is easy to see I read my vocabulary list and ---------- the most difficult words.
If someone is ---------- about something, they have no knowledge about it. I'm a bit ---------- about his theories. Can you explain them to me?
An ---------- is a list of words at the end of a book that gives information. If you look in the ----------, you'll find the right page number.
A ---------- is a long, educational speech. His ---------- on world hunger was very informative.
A ---------- is a message at the end of a story that teaches you something. At the end of the story, Mother explained the ---------- to the children.
To ---------- means to work or function. I'm sorry, but the trains are not ---------- today.
If something is ----------, it is only used by one person or group. Don't look at my diary! It's ----------!
When something is ----------, it happened a short time ago. I did not know what caused his ---------- behavior.
A ---------- is a personal decision. At New Year, I made a list of ---------- to help me have a better year.
A ---------- is a portion of a school year. Jack is in his second ---------- of college.
If something is ----------, it is written on a computer or typewriter. This is an important, formal project and must be ----------.
When something is ----------, it is very strange. My best friend's dad is a bit ----------.
If something is ----------, it is total or complete. My presentation was an ---------- disaster! It was terrible!
---------- is a word that people say when something bad happens. I looked everywhere for my purse, but ----------, I couldn't find it.
If you are ----------, you are careful and you pay attention. He is a good student because he is ---------- to every detail on his work.
A ---------- is a large cloth that covers one's back and is tied around the neck. The superhero wore a long red ----------.
To ---------- something means to imagine that it may happen. I can ---------- my mom's face when I give her this present!
When something happens ----------, it happens at the same rate or level. The food was handed out ---------- among the hungry people.
---------- are common or average people. I've invited all the ---------- from our street to a gathering at my place.
To ---------- means to turn from a solid to a liquid. The snowman that we made yesterday ---------- in the sun.
A ---------- is a part of a surface that is different in appearance from the rest. There was one small ---------- of grass in the sand-covered desert.
---------- is a feeling of happiness. The student smiled with ---------- when she received the prize.
A ---------- is a short, loud sound. I heard a loud ----------, then my computer screen shattered.
A ---------- is a sweet dessert. Would you like some chocolate ---------- and coffee for dessert?
A ---------- is a horizontal bar made of metal or wood. The cat was sitting on the ---------- of the fence.
A ---------- is a set of instructions to make food. The apple cake that you made is really tasty. Can I have the ----------, please?
A ---------- is the normal purpose or function of a person or thing. My ---------- at work is to check the quality of the products.
To ---------- means to get smaller. If you stick to a healthy diet, your stomach will ----------!
To ---------- something means to make it very wet. You need to ---------- these beans overnight before you cook them.
A ---------- is a small, quick flash of fire. As he welded the two pieces of metal together, ---------- flew everywhere.
A ---------- is someone's feelings and personality, but not a physical body part. He has a very outgoing ----------. He can make friends with anyone.
A ---------- is a set of clothes. It usually includes a jacket with pants ora skirt. I wore my new ---------- on my date with Melissa.
An ---------- with a bank is an arrangement to keep one's money there. After I paid for the new car, my bank ---------- was nearly empty.
An ---------- is a person who designs buildings. The plans for building the new home were drawn by a famous ----------.
To ---------- something means to hide it. You should ---------- your money so no one can take it from you.
A ---------- is something bad that a person does that can be punished by law. Police quickly arrived at the scene of the ----------.
A ---------- is a certificate that proves that someone owns something. When she bought the car, she was given a ---------- to show the car was hers.
---------- is a feeling of being thankful. The kids showed Aunt Tess much ---------- for visiting them.
A ---------- is the natural home of animals or plants. Frogs are often found in a wet ----------, such as near a lake, river, or pond.
To ---------- means to help stop a problem between two people or groups. The students argued until the teacher ----------.
A ---------- is an object that helps people find or remember a location. The tall tree was used as a ---------- for people to find the road to the inn.
If something is ----------, it is related to the law or allowed by the law. It was not ---------- for him to drive until he was eighteen years old.
If something is ----------, then it is remembered for a special reason. The party was ----------, people were still talking about it years later.
To ---------- someone means to require them to do something. If I wanted to have playtime, I was ---------- to clean my room once a week.
An ---------- is an action that breaks the law and requires punishment. He was put in jail for two days for the ----------.
To ---------- something means to say it in public. The army general ---------- that the war was won.
A ---------- is a large public meeting in order to support something. The school had a ---------- in the gym to support the basketball team.
To ---------- something means to find a solution. She ---------- the problem with her children by giving them both a toy.
---------- are a person or country's money and materials that they can use. The poor man didn't have the ---------- to feed himself.
A ---------- is punishment given to someone who didn't follow the law. The ---------- for stealing a car is much worse than for stealing candy.
To ---------- means to offer to do something for free. Many people ---------- to help the adults learn to read.
A ---------- is someone who sees or hears a crime or accident happen. The woman was the only ---------- of the horrible crime.
---------- is the right to enter or use something. The manager was the only person with ---------- to the password.
---------- is the way that someone acts. She was punished for her bad ----------.
When an event or action is ----------, it happens a lot or all the time. The television at home is in ---------- use.
A ---------- is a narrow space between the parts of something broken. The old window was covered with ----------.
A ---------- is an object or a machine. A thermometer is a ---------- that tells temperature.
To ---------- something is to contain it. The cows in the field were ---------- by a fence.
To ---------- something is to hold it very tightly. I was scared, so I ---------- my older sister's hand.
To ---------- is to stop moving. The criminal ---------- when he saw the police coming.
If something is ----------, it is going to happen soon. The student was nervous about his ---------- test.
To ---------- someone or something is to have an effect over them. My friend ---------- my decision to attend Terrance University.
A ---------- is a rule made by the legislative body. The students learned about different ---------- during social studies class.
A ---------- is a setting or condition on a machine. Mother turned the 7V to quiet ---------- while she talked on the phone.
To ---------- means to sweat. I usually ---------- a lot when I am at practice.
To ---------- something is to put it in the place of something else. I ---------- the tire on my car because it was flat.
To ---------- something means to break it suddenly, which causes a loud noise. I took the stick and ---------- it with my hands.
If a person or animal is ----------, they are sneaky or good at tricking people. The ---------- fox stole the eggs from the nest.
To ---------- to do something is to be likely to do it or to do it often. My mom ---------- to buy me the perfect gift each Christmas.
When something is ----------, it is correct or based on good reasoning. The expert's opinion on the subject was more ---------- than others.
A ---------- is an account of something that differs slightly from the original. She read the students British ---------- of the Chinese fairy tale.
You use ---------- after a noun to emphasize that there is nothing of that thing. The boy had no idea ---------- how to solve the story problem.
If something is ---------- another thing, then it is next to it. We work ---------- each other in the office.
Your ---------- is your hunger for food. Tom has a big ----------. He eats all the time.
To ---------- someone is to help them. Andrew ---------- me with my homework.
A ---------- is a soft wind. The ---------- caused the leaves to fall off the tree.
To ---------- someone is to work against them or refuse to do what they say. The students got into trouble for ---------- their teacher's rules.
To ---------- something is to show it, especially by putting it in a certain place. The museum ---------- many wonderful paintings.
If something or someone is ----------, they do not waste energy. My car is very ----------. I rarely have to buy gas.
If someone is ----------, they are small or weak. The boy was too ---------- to carry the object very far.
To ---------- someone is to stop being angry with them. Sandra ---------- Peter after he said he was sorry.
If someone is ----------, they have a lot of energy. Jennifer is very ----------: she's always running and playing.
If something is ----------, it is large and beautiful. The rich people lived in a big, ---------- house.
You use ---------- to connect two negative ideas. I eat neither apples ---------- oranges. I don't like either one.
If someone is ----------, they are very angry. My father was ---------- when he saw that I had crashed his car.
If someone is ----------, they believe that the worst will happen. John is ----------. He always thinks something bad will happen.
A ---------- is something people talk about even though it may not be true. Kevin was spreading ---------- about Marcia to everyone.
To ---------- someone means to hit them with the palm of the hand. Out of anger, Helen ---------- Eunice on the face.
To ---------- something is to break it into many small pieces. Jacob ---------- the window with a rock.
A ---------- is the topic that is being discussed or taught. The ---------- of Marco's speech was the economy.
A ---------- is the money that a person gets for doing a job. The ---------- I receive from my job are really great!
You use ---------- to show how two things are different. My sister loves horror movies, ---------- I prefer comedies.
When something is ----------, it has life. Rocks and machines are not ---------- things.
To ---------- things is to put them into groups based on their type. The biologist ---------- the plant as a completely new species.
To ---------- is to admit that something is true against your wish. The student ---------- that he had cheated on the test.
A ---------- is an idea about something. I learned some ---------- of molecules before working in the science lab.
To ---------- something means to make or build it. The men used wood and metal to ---------- a house.
A ---------- is a period often years. She celebrated her three ---------- of work with the company.
A ---------- is a simple drawing that explains what something is or how it works. By following the ----------, I was able to put the desk together.
A ---------- is a boat that carries passengers over short distances. The ---------- took the people across the lake.
If something is ----------, it is useful. An eraser is ---------- if you make a lot of mistakes.
To ---------- is to separate one person or thing from a group. The teacher ---------- the bad child from the class before talking with her.
A ---------- is a strong feeling of wanting. Since he skipped breakfast, he had a ---------- for food all morning.
If something is ----------, there are many of those things. It was hard to drive fast since there were ---------- holes in the road.
A ---------- is a very small piece of something. The bottles of wine were covered in a layer of dust ----------.
A ---------- is a request that is urgent or emotional. The poor, hungry man made a ---------- for food.
To ---------- from something is to avoid doing it. The doctor asked Mary to ---------- from eating fast food as part of her diet.
A ---------- of something is a formal inspection of it by people in authority. The government ordered a careful ---------- of the economic situation.
If someone is ----------, they know many things about the world. Jake is one of the most ---------- persons I've ever met.
To ---------- something is to give it up. The thief ---------- the money to the police when he was caught.
If something is ----------, it is standing up straight. Meerkats can't walk like humans, but they can stand ----------.
If something is ----------, it is important or useful. On his visit to Canada, he realized studying English was ----------.
An ---------- is a group of people who work together. The junior executives formed an ---------- with each other.
---------- is the noise made when people clap hands to show approval. At the end of his speech, everyone gave ----------.
If you are ----------, you are carrying a weapon. The robber was ---------- with a gun.
If something is ----------, it uses the best information available. This book is an ---------- source on Ancient Egypt's Queen Nefertiti.
A ---------- is an event that happens on special occasions. Tom and Amy's marriage ---------- is in June.
---------- is the music, art, and writings of a certain place or group of people. Ancient Mexican ---------- is renowned for its architecture.
A ---------- is something that is done to protect another thing. The airforce works in ---------- of its country.
A ---------- is a small piece of information. Jane told Ben all the ---------- of her trip to China.
When a group of things is ----------, it is made up of a wide variety of things. Big cities have ---------- populations with people of different races and ages.
To ---------- someone is to make them feel very interested or happy. The beautiful woman ---------- everybody in the room.
To ---------- someone is to give them the things needed to do something. Steve was ---------- with the tools needed to do the job.
An ---------- is someone or something not conforming to a rule. Most students thought the test was hard, but Tim was the ----------.
A ---------- is a type of literature, art, or music characterized by its style. She is considered a master in the comedy ----------.
An ---------- is the effect someone or something has on another. My grandmother had a great ---------- on my life.
To ---------- someone is to convince them to do something, by using a trick. The store ---------- people in with big signs that say "Sale!"
An ---------- is an object or a problem that stops you from doing something. Climbing over the giant rock was the biggest ---------- for the hikers.
A ---------- is a place to go that is safe from danger or bad weather. The frog took ---------- from the storm in a nearby cave.
To ---------- means to separate things into different groups or classes. He ---------- his clothes by colors and sizes.
To ---------- something means to give people what they need or want. The water heater ---------- the house with warm water.
If people are ----------, they are only concerned with how they look. Rebecca is so ---------- that she looks at herself in every mirror.
An ---------- is something that you can choose instead of your first choice. Her first plan to make extra money seemed weak, so she chose an ----------.
An ---------- is a road, often a large one with buildings on each side. Drive down this ---------- and then turn left to go to the park.
The ---------- is the stomach of a person or animal. His ---------- was full because he ate a lot of food.
A ---------- to do something is an attempt to do it. He made a ---------- to become the university's next president.
To ---------- means to move air or move something through the air, as in the wind. The wind is ---------- very hard today. We should stay inside.
A ---------- is a fight between different people or groups. The two nations had a ---------- over which one could use the water in the river
A ---------- is one of the seven large areas of land on the Earth. Asia is the largest ----------.
A ---------- is a steady and constant flow of air or water in a river or ocean. The ocean ---------- took the ship far off into the sea.
---------- is rudeness or a behavior that shows a lack of respect. He showed ---------- by arguing with his boss during a meeting.
---------- is a very strong good feeling about something. The crowd showed their ---------- for the soccer team by cheering loudly.
When something is ----------, it is very unpleasant. The desert can be a very ---------- environment.
To ---------- is to bend the body in a particular direction. The woman ---------- against the counter because she was tired.
The ---------- is the time between two events. Ted began setting the table. In the ----------, I began preparing the food.
---------- is behavior that is meant to trick or cause trouble for people. Ben was up to ---------- when he persuaded Ken to paint his face.
---------- is a mass of tissue attached to bone that helps you move. She went to the gym in order to make her ---------- stronger.
To ---------- someone means to remove them from danger. The firefighter ---------- the man from the burning building.
A ---------- is a number of things that follow one afterthe other. The student said the letters of the alphabet in ----------.
The ---------- is the land and all of its physical features or parts. The ---------- below was rocky and full of hills.
If someone is ----------, they are afraid, shy, or nervous. The ---------- child hides behind her mother whenever she sees a stranger.
---------- is forceful action that is meant to injure or kill people. The boy hit his brother in an act of ----------.
To ---------- someone or something is to have an influence over them. The student's poor attitude ---------- the other students in the class.
An ---------- is the written name of a famous person. Everybody wanted the movie star's ----------.
A ---------- is a drop of liquid. ---------- of water collected outside the glass.
To ---------- coffee or tea means to pour hot water over it. Please ---------- a fresh pot of coffee.
To ---------- someone is to please them with your personality. Gail ---------- everyone with her humorous stories.
A ---------- is all the things that happen or will happen to a person in their life. It was his ---------- to become a great singer.
A ---------- is a device that makes a loud noise. The boy honked his ---------- while he rode his bicycle past the house.
When someone is ----------, they become annoyed or angry very easily. She is ---------- when she doesn't get enough sleep.
To ---------- behind is to move slowly behind other moving objects. The girl on rollerblades ---------- behind the little girl on the bicycle.
To ---------- something means to make it the biggest in size or amount. Businesses try to ---------- their profits.
A ---------- is a bad or scary dream. The girl was scared to go back to sleep because she had a ----------.
When something is ----------, it helps the body stay healthy. Mangoes are one of the most ---------- fruits in the world.
---------- is a substance that is necessary for the body to grow and be strong. Fish and beef are good sources of ----------.
A ---------- is your name that you have written in your own way. I put my ---------- at the end of the letter.
---------- is a word used to refer to things without mentioning the things by name. We gave a lot of ---------- to the charity.
When something is ----------, it is done without thinking about it. Breathing is one of the ---------- things that the body does.
A ---------- is a vehicle that is used for carrying things but is smaller than a truck. The delivery company uses large ---------- to deliver packages.
To ---------- someone is to make them know of possible danger in the future. The lifeguard ---------- people to stay away from the rough ocean.
A ---------- is an exercise routine that helps improve health. She doesn't do her ---------- on the weekends.
To ---------- is to move quickly. The cars ---------- along the road.
A ---------- is a block of hard clay that is used for building things, such as walls. There were several ---------- scattered on the ground.
To ---------- means to break or fall apart into small pieces. The old house's walls ---------- into a pile of rock and wood.
---------- is a mixture of flour and water that becomes bread when baked. I made heart-shaped cookies from the ----------.
To ---------- a feeling or idea means to show others how one thinks or feels. The nurse ---------- her sympathy for the sick patient.
A ---------- is a hand with fingers bent in toward the palm. The bully made a ---------- and threatened to hit the small boy.
If something is ----------, then it can bend easily without breaking. The tree branch was so ---------- it could be bent into a circle and not break.
To ---------- means the face becomes red due to heat, illness, or emotion. After the long race, the runner's face was ----------.
To ---------- someone means to damage a part of their body. The car crash ---------- two people.
A ---------- is a small piece of something that is solid. The artist took a ---------- of clay and turned it into a beautiful pot.
A ---------- is something that is made by mixing other things together. The walls were built using a ---------- of water, rock, and dirt.
To ---------- means to return to a friendly relationship. After arguing, the two friends were ---------- with each other.
To ---------- something means to harm or damage it greatly. Our walk in the park was ---------- by the sudden rain.
To ---------- something means to break it suddenly into many tiny pieces. When the ball hit the window, the glass ----------.
---------- are wooden or metal covers in front of a window. Mr. Smith closed the ---------- every night to make his bedroom dark.
To ---------- something means to remove all the large pieces. The baker ---------- the flour into a large bowl.
If something is ----------, then it is small or minor. There was only a ---------- change in the little boy's height.
To ---------- means to shine brightly with quick flashes of light. The stars ---------- in the winter night's sky.
To ---------- means to scatter something all over something else. He ---------- the pasta with salt and black pepper.
If food is ----------, then it is not fresh but dry, hard, and not good to eat. The cookies sat on the table so long that they became ----------.
To ---------- a word or a sound means to say it. The lost boy was so scared that he could barely ---------- a single word.
You use ---------- to say that one thing is contrasted by another. ---------- she was late, her friends gave her a warm welcome.
To ---------- something means to put it on. She always app---------- lies makeup to her face before going outside.
To ---------- something means to wait for it. The players ---------- the judge's decision.
When something is ----------, it is very special and you like it very much. The boy took a nap next to his ---------- cat.
To ---------- someone or something means to put them in the ground. They ---------- their grandfather under his favorite tree after he died.
A ---------- is the usual weather in a place. The ---------- in the desert is very hot.
When you ----------, you say that you are unhappy about something. The workers ---------- that they were being treated unfairly.
To ---------- someone means to make them feel like they are unsure. The sign ---------- the traveler because it pointed in two directions.
When something is ----------, it is expected to happen or be done at that time. The papers were ---------- on the 19th.
When you talk about an ---------- thing, you are talking about the whole thing. He was so hungry that he ate the ---------- pizza by himself.
To ---------- something means to create it. He wanted to ---------- a club for people to help the Earth.
A ---------- is a place where heat is made. Mr. Jones came to fix the ----------.
A ---------- is a rope or chain that is used to lead an animal. A lot of dogs must wear a ---------- to keep them from running away.
To ---------- means to grow up to become an adult. When they ----------, they became as tall as their parents.
To ---------- something means to find out the quality, value, or effect of it. The scientists carefully ---------- the amount of chemicals in the tubes.
The ---------- of something is the middle of it. She was in the ---------- of cleaning when the telephone rang.
---------- is extreme suffering. There was a lot of ---------- after Sam lost his dog.
When something happened ---------- to something else, it happened earlier. Ron had to wait since he arrived ---------- to the scheduled meeting time.
---------- is close and careful study to discover new things. Scientists did a lot of ---------- on the subject of blood type.
A ---------- of something is a group of many different kinds of it. There are a ---------- of flowers at the shop.
If something happens ----------, it happens completely. The company stopped using sugar ---------- in its food.
To ---------- is to bring people together. The victims of the flood were ---------- by their need to help each other.
A ---------- is a dark mark caused by being hit by something. She got a ---------- on her knee from falling down.
A ---------- is a way of doing things that has been the same for a long time. It is a ---------- that the bride and groom have the first dance.
When someone is ----------, they do not follow the rules or instructions. The ---------- children didn't listen to their mother and had an accident.
To ---------- something is to know about it before it happens. The teacher didn't ---------- any problems with her large class.
To ---------- something is to see it for a short time. She ---------- outside the window as the plane was about to land.
A ---------- is a ring that is made of plastic, metal, or wood. The boys tried to toss the ball through the basketball ----------.
---------- is bad luck or an unlucky event. His family helped him when he encountered ----------.
When something is ----------, it is unpleasant or sad. She doesn't like to say ---------- things about her friends.
---------- is used to mean "each" when giving a price, size, or amount. It costs $8 ---------- person to watch the baseball game.
To ---------- is to ask for something you want very badly. He ---------- for his parents to let him go to the soccer game.
To ---------- something means to pull it apart. She ---------- the paper in half by accident.
The ---------- of something is the reason for doing it. The parents worked hard for their children's ----------.
To ---------- something is to rub it very hard with something sharp. I accidentally ---------- the paint off the side of the car.
A ---------- of something is the place that it comes from. The river was the ---------- of drinking water for the village.
When somebody is ----------, they are very serious. The ---------- teacher didn't allow the students to speak during class.
To ---------- is to use a needle and thread to join pieces of cloth together. My grandmother ---------- the pieces together to make a big blanket.
A ---------- is the sound of a heavy object falling. They heard the ---------- when the bowling ball hit the floor.
When somebody is ----------, they are angry and emotional. Gina was ---------- when she found out that Liz was bad in school.
A ---------- is an organized group of humans that have culture and government Most early ---------- in Central America didn't use metal weapons.
When something is ----------, it is easy to do and does not take a lot of work. The bus is a ---------- way to get to school.
A ---------- is a living space for some types of animals, such as lions. The mother lion left her babies in the ----------.
---------- is the drops of water that form on the ground outside during the night. When we woke up, we saw that the grass was covered in ----------.
When something is ----------, it is extreme or major. She made a ---------- decision to get her long hair cut short.
To ---------- means to leave. The students ---------- through the front door.
A ---------- is a group of animals, such as birds, sheep or goats. There was one black sheep in the entire ----------.
To ---------- is to bend something like paper or cloth so that it takes up less space. I ---------- the paper and put it in my pocket.
A ---------- is a top for a box or container that can be removed. He lifted the ---------- of the box and revealed her present.
To ---------- is to seem very large and often scary. The ominous clouds ---------- over the school.
When something is ----------, it is strong and large. The ---------- wrestler scared all who faced him.
A ---------- is a fungus with a round top. Some are used as food. The soup had fresh ---------- in it.
When something is ----------, it is originating in a certain place or area. Avocadoes are ---------- fruits of Mexico.
---------- is a dangerous substance that causes illness or death. They used ---------- to get rid of the rats in their home.
---------- are tall and skinny plants that grow in groups near water. The sun set behind the ---------- of the lake's shore.
To ---------- something is to protect it. She ---------- her eyes from the sun with sunglasses.
---------- describes something affected or characterized by storms. The golfers decided to go home because of the ---------- weather.
To ---------- is to move slowly from side to side. She ---------- while she listened to the music.
When something is ----------, it is related to the city. Subways are an important form of ---------- transportation.
To ---------- is to walk in or pass through water. The child ---------- in the water at the beach.
An ---------- is a certain way of speaking that shows where a person is from. The new teacher's ---------- was clearly a German one.
A ---------- is a person whose job is to cut hair. My hair is getting much too long. I'd better go to the ---------- 's shop.
A ---------- of a house or building is a room that is built underground. They turned their ---------- into a game room.
When something is ----------, it does not have anything on it. She got a ---------- paper to draw on.
To ---------- means to shut the eyes and quickly open them again. I ---------- many times so that my eyes could adjust to the bright light.
A ---------- is a group of people who sing together. He had ---------- practice every day after school.
When something is ----------, it is funny. The ---------- actor was famous for his jokes.
To ---------- something means to make it harder than necessary. The bad weather ---------- finishing the job quickly.
To ---------- an offer or invitation means to say no to it. She ---------- his offer to pay for her dinner.
An ---------- is a trip taken to do a specific activity. He couldn't go to practice because he had several ---------- to do.
A ---------- is a piece of clothing that covers your fingers and hand. When it gets cold, I always put on a pair of ----------.
A ---------- is one who lives alone and does not spend time with others. The ---------- lived a simple life in a small cave in the forest.
If something is done ----------, then it is fair. We ---------- decided to give the prize to him.
---------- is a material made from animal skin that is used to make clothing. He got a new ---------- jacket for his birthday.
To ---------- something is to think about it carefully. She sat in the park and ---------- her problem.
To ---------- something means to keep it for a certain person or time. He ---------- a table at the busy restaurant.
A ---------- is the words of a film or play. He read the ---------- of the play three times.
To ---------- for something or someone means to look for them carefully. I ---------- the newspaper for a new job.
To ---------- is to close something hard. She ---------- the book shut after she finished reading it.
A ---------- is a set of stairs found inside a building. The ---------- leads directly into the kitchen.
---------- means to suffer physically or mentally. He was ---------- by pain in his right arm.
An ---------- is a space between two things that people use to walk. They were told to clear the ---------- because the plane was about to land.
The ---------- is the air around the Earth where weather conditions form. Scientists worry that harmful substances are hurting the ----------.
An ---------- is a person who wrote a certain piece of writing. The ---------- was hard at work on his next novel.
A ---------- is a failure to work correctly. Her car had a ----------, and she wasn't sure howto fix it.
---------- is the items carried by a ship or airplane. The ---------- of the ship got wet when it started raining.
A ---------- is a part of a book that usually has a number or a title. The first ---------- of a book usually introduces the main character of a story.
To ---------- two things means to join them together. I ---------- the mouse to my laptop computer.
----------. is short for "etcetera." It is used to refer to other unspecified objects. She was going to bring treats to the party: cookies, muffins, cake, ----------.
To ---------- means to press a switch quickly to turn it on or off. To turn on the lights, just ---------- this switch.
If you are ----------, you are not doing anything. She read a book to keep from being ----------.
To ---------- someone of something is to tell them about it. The teacher ---------- us about a change to our assignment.
---------- are a vegetable that is small, round and green. His favorite food was ----------.
A ---------- is a dried grape. ---------- are one of my favorite snacks.
To ---------- something is to keep it. Even by the afternoon, the day had ---------- the morning's freshness.
To ---------- something means to say it in a definite way. The president ---------- his opinion about the world's health concerns.
A ---------- is a flat plate used to hold food. The waiter brought our food on a ----------.
If something is ----------, it is bad or unlucky. It was ---------- that Dave's team lost, but he still had fun.
When something is ----------, it is bright and colorful. The figures in the painting were ----------.
To ---------- means to have food come up from one's stomach. It is common for women to ---------- when they are pregnant.
To ---------- someone means to treat them in a dishonest way. The man ---------- his country when he gave away national secrets.
A ---------- is a loud noise made by something that explodes. There was a loud ---------- when the police officer fired the gun.
A ---------- is a piece of jewelry that you wear around your wrist. My father gave me a pretty gold ---------- for my birthday.
To ---------- means to stop. After about an hour, the rain ----------, and a rainbow appeared.
To ---------- means to cough because you have difficulty breathing. There was a lot of smoke in the air, and it made me ----------.
When an event is ----------, it happens inside a country. The country was torn apart by a terrible ---------- war.
To ---------- means to say something that shows your personal opinion. Tom ---------- on the poor quality of the food.
To ---------- means to go from one side to the other side. We used his boat to ---------- to the other side of the lake.
A ---------- is damage caused by something heavy hitting something else. That blue car hit my car, and now there is a small ---------- in my car door.
To ---------- someone means to believe that they are not honest. Don't lend money to someone if you ---------- them!
A ---------- is a small building that is specially built to defend an area from attack. When the army arrived, they built a big ---------- on the top of the hill.
To ---------- means to bring something into existence. The pastor ---------- his church in the countryside.
---------- is a piece of cloth that covers the inside of clothes. This jacket is very warm because it has a thick ----------.
A ---------- is a large number of things of one type. We received a ---------- of letters this morning.
To ---------- means to talk to God. When people go to church, they ---------- for their families and friends.
If a place is ---------- with something bad, it is very common in that place. This part of the country is ---------- with disease.
When something is the ---------- thing, it is the only thing of a particular type. His ---------- purpose in life was to help others.
If you ---------- the floor, you clean it with a tool like a broom or a brush. There is a lot of dirt on the floor. Can you ---------- it please?
---------- is a behavior in which a person betrays a country or a person. The man ran away to escape from the ---------- of his wife.
To ---------- something means to put it somewhere so that it is neat or safe. He looked sloppy without his shirt being ---------- into his pants.
A ---------- is a person's education, family, and experience. The new teacher had a ---------- in science and math.
---------- is something used to trick a person or thing to do something. The best ---------- for catching fish is a big, fat worm.
To ---------- something means to record an event or speech. The daily newspaper ---------- local and world events.
---------- is a red-brown metal often used in electric wire and pipes. Ancient hunters melted ---------- to make knives and spears.
A ---------- is an illness that causes specific problems. He had a ---------- that caused him to lose his hearing.
---------- is the collection of beliefs and stories of a culture. India's ---------- has stories written in long poems about great warriors.
To ---------- someone means to give them an illness. The common cold ---------- hundreds of millions of people each year.
To ---------- means to rub the skin with your fingernails. The rough fabric in his shirt made the back of his neck ----------.
---------- is books, plays, and poetry. Early American ---------- covers the poetry and stories from 1500 to 1800.
A ---------- is one thousand years. Stonehenge is believed to have been built about 5 ---------- ago.
A ---------- is a traditional story that explains a culture's history and beliefs. In Greece, there was a ---------- about a woman who had snakes for hair.
To ---------- someone means to raise them to a higher position or rank. After two years in the company, she was ---------- to a manager.
To ---------- to something means to have a connection with it. A company's plan usually ---------- to how much profit it can make.
A ---------- is a belief in a god or gods. Their ---------- taught that people should forgive their enemies.
A ---------- is a specific amount of money. He calculated the numbers to see what the ---------- of his bills would be.
A ---------- is a person who works with a bank's customers. The ---------- at the bank helped Kelly put money into a savings account.
If someone is ----------, they are honest and truthful. Mary is one of the most ---------- people I've ever met.
To ---------- something means to make it more modern. We need to ---------- the programs on our computers.
A ---------- is a tube in the body that carries blood toward the heart. The blue ---------- in my hand are just under my skin.
---------- is a poisonous substance that comes from animals or plants. A snake's ---------- can be used to cure the illnesses it creates.
---------- is an act of giving help, usually money, to those who need it. Thanks to his friends' ----------, he had enough money to pay the rent.
---------- is the activity of buying and selling things. The new shopping mall increased the ---------- in that section of town.
To ---------- someone means to give them a specific punishment. The judge ---------- the criminal to five years in prison.
If something is ----------, then it is comfortable, warm, and relaxing. The thick blanket made the bed very ----------.
To ---------- an amount of something means to use up all of it. All the driving he was doing was ---------- his car's fuel supply.
An ---------- is the money and businesses of a country or region. The factory was good for the ---------- because it brought jobs to the area.
An ---------- is a large group of countries ruled by an emperor or empress. The emperor built roads to make travel easier throughout the ----------.
---------- are anything that can be bought or sold. Shoes, hats, dresses and purses were the ---------- she wanted to buy.
To ---------- something means to obey or follow it. You should ---------- the advice on the sign and not drive so fast.
To ---------- means to travel by asking for rides from passing vehicles. She didn't have a car, so she ---------- several miles to her brother's home.
To ---------- someone means to tease them in a cruel way. The girls ---------- Nancy because she was a new student.
If someone is ----------, then they do not help either of the two fighting sides. The girl's friend remained ---------- while the couple was arguing.
To ---------- means to treat someone badly. Dan felt ---------- because he was smaller than the other boys at school.
---------- is the feeling of sadness and kindness for those who are suffering. Because she had ---------- for the lost boy, she helped him find his parents.
To ---------- something means to make it less in size or number. When the store ---------- its prices, people wanted to shop there.
A ---------- was a person whose job was to copy written works. In Ancient Egypt, ---------- recorded important events.
A ---------- is someone's mood or a chance that they might get angry. She has a ----------. Even the slightest mistakes make her angry.
A ---------- is the special chair in which a ruler sits. Nobody except the king and queen sat in the ---------- in the great hall.
---------- is the state of people working together for a certain purpose. The project was finished early, thanks to the ---------- of the workers.
A ---------- is a group or person that wins in a contest. At the end of the game, the blue team was the ----------.
If something is ----------, it is completely correct. The story in the newspaper wasn't very ----------.
To ---------- something is to study it. The scientist will ---------- the blood sample.
An ---------- is a giant rock from outer space. In 1908, a giant ---------- hit Siberia.
A ---------- is a dispute about something that affects many people. There has been a lot of ---------- over the judge's decision.
To ---------- is to change over time. Many people think that humans ---------- from animals.
A ---------- is something that has an effect on the way another thing happens. Smoking is the main ---------- that causes lung cancer.
If something is ----------, it is related to the genes in one's body. The color of one's eyes is ----------.
A ---------- is the collection of all the genes in a living thing. Understanding the human ---------- may help cure many diseases.
To be ---------- is to be the same as someone or something else. James and John are ---------- twins.
An ---------- is a very smart person. We've always considered my Uncle Max the ---------- of the family.
A ---------- of something is almost all of the people orthings in that group. A ---------- of the people voted for Tom Smith in the election.
A ---------- is an animal that usually has hair and is not born from an egg. Even though it lives in the water, whales are actually ----------.
To ---------- is to increase in number. In the past year, the number of people at work ---------- by ten percent.
---------- are the children of a person or the babies of an animal. The dog's ---------- had the same color of fur as she did.
A ---------- is a substance used to kill insects. The farmer sprayed his crops with a ---------- to keep bugs away.
To ---------- something is to control how it happens. The bank ---------- how much money people can borrow from it.
To ---------- something is to make it stronger. Peter ---------- his opinion with information from a book.
If one is ---------- by a disease or problem, they are badly affected by it. Mike was ---------- with a horrible illness.
If something is ----------, it is very large. The wealthy man bought a ---------- amount of land in the countryside.
A ---------- is someone who does not eat any meat products. I became a ---------- because I don't like the taste of meat.
To ---------- something means to hold it as very important. I ---------- this trophy I won.
---------- is a feeling of understanding for someone who is hurt or suffering. The veterinarian had ---------- for the sick little puppy.
---------- is permission to do something. Their mother gave the children ---------- to go outside and play.
The ---------- is the center of something. The rings of a tree start forming at its ----------.
If someone is ----------, they are good at tricking people. The ---------- child fooled his parents into thinking that he was kind.
If someone is ----------, then they feel off balance as if they will fall down. The pregnant woman was ---------- after standing up too quickly.
---------- is the balance between different forces. The sudden drop in prices upset the ---------- of the economy.
To ---------- a feeling or a skill means to help it develop. She helped ---------- a sense of calm in the little boy.
To ---------- something means to break it into very small pieces or powder. She wanted to ---------- the beans, so she could brew some coffee.
To ---------- means to make a deep, angry sound. The dog started to ---------- at the man walking by.
---------- is a state of being just enough but not too much. It is important to eat in ---------- so that you can have a healthy body.
A ---------- is an animal that kills and eats other animals. The peregrine falcon is a ---------- that eats fish.
If someone is ----------, they can think in a normal way. Oliver does not act like a ---------- person when he is angry.
A ---------- is a small round dish that you set a cup on. He placed the spoon on the ----------.
To ---------- something means to take it away with a quick motion. He was so hungry that he ---------- an apple from a tree.
To ---------- means to move in an unsteady way and almost fall over. He ---------- around after having too much to drink.
To ---------- means to put your foot down wrong so that you almost fall. He ---------- as he ran through the puddle.
If someone is ----------, they are worried something bad might happen. After the phone call, Monica was very ----------.
To ---------- means to fall, often in a rolling way. He lost his balance while snowboarding and ---------- to the ground.
To ---------- something is to not give it to someone. They ---------- all information until she paid her fine.
An ---------- is a vehicle that flies in the sky, such as an airplane or helicopter. At the museum in the airport, you can see a lot of old ----------.
A ---------- is someone who is famous. It was the highlight of the evening when the ---------- arrived.
---------- is a substance made from stones. The man covered the ground with ----------.
If someone is ----------, they make decisions quickly. Our boss is very ----------, so it did not take long to organize the project.
If someone is ----------, many people like or respect them. An ---------- scientist is coming to the university to talk about her discoveries.
If something is ----------, it is the right thing to do. Many people believe that it is ---------- to help others in need.
If plants or animals are ----------, there are none left. There used to be dinosaurs all over the world, but now they are ----------.
If a person or plant is ----------, it is strong and can live though difficult conditions. The farmer is a ---------- man and doesn't mind working outside.
An ---------- is an organization that is interested in research or teaching. I am going to a lecture about ancient Rome at the Historical ----------.
---------- is a feeling of wanting something that somebody else has. She felt a lot of ---------- when she saw Luke with two girls.
To ---------- means to move from one place to another. Many birds ---------- to warmer countries in the winter.
To ---------- something means to care for it as it grows or develops. Robert ---------- his plants, and that is why they grow so well.
If something is ----------, it is located above you. As we sat on top of the hill, a plane flew ----------.
A ---------- is a belief about the correct way to behave. To maintain ----------, it's vital to watch, listen, and speak carefully.
If a place is ----------, it is in the countryside instead of the city. I want to live in a small house in a ---------- area.
If a place is ----------, it is far away from any other place. There was a ---------- bench in the park.
A ---------- is a type of plant or animal. There are 21 different ---------- of butterfly in this forest.
A ---------- is a very wet area of land. There are lots of wild animals living in the ----------.
To ---------- means to move or travel through an area. The explorer ---------- the desert alone on a camel.
---------- is a subject in which people study animals. Helen wants to study ---------- because she has always liked animals.
An ---------- is something that you believe is true but cannot prove. I went to the cafeteria on the ---------- that everyone would be there.
---------- is a grain that is used for animal feed, health food and beer. The farmer grew ---------- to feed his cows in the winter.
A ---------- is a large, dangerous animal. A lion is one of the fiercest ---------- on Earth.
A ---------- is a military officer. James has been given a promotion in the army. He is now a ----------.
If a disease is ----------, it is easily carried from one person to another. You must wear protective clothing because the patient's illness is ----------.
A ---------- is a dead body of a human. After the accident, the ---------- was taken to the hospital.
A ---------- is a situation that is extremely stressful or dangerous. The airport workers' strike led to a ---------- at the airport.
To ---------- means to cause an illness or injury to end or disappear. My dentist ---------- me of my toothache.
If something is ----------, it is not shaped normally and may appear ugly. Even though the carrot was ----------, it was still safe to eat.
To ---------- means to judge people according to their looks. They ---------- against her because she was different.
An ---------- is where government officials work in a foreign country. If you lose your passport, you should contact the ----------.
To ---------- a fire means to make it stop. Michael ---------- the small fire with the hose.
---------- is a hard stone that people used to make weapons for hunting. There are a lot of ---------- tools in the museum.
To ---------- someone means to annoy or trouble them. The children ---------- their mother because they wanted her attention.
To ---------- means to join, communicate and socialize. Governments want immigrants to ---------- with the population.
If something is ----------, it is very small. The boy enjoys playing with his ---------- train set in his bedroom.
---------- is the process by which people use food to stay healthy. It is important to pay attention to ---------- if you want to be an athlete.
If something happens ----------, it happens quickly or on time. Arrive ----------, or we won't have time to discuss everything.
A ---------- is a person who is skilled in electronic or mechanical work. I need to call the ---------- to help me with my computer.
The ---------- are the areas of land and sea close to the equator. People like to go to the ---------- for vacation because it's warm.
If something is ----------, it is good for you. Drinking milk everyday is ---------- to your bones.
A ---------- is a place where a person is born or where something started. China is the ---------- of chopsticks.
The ---------- of something is the amount of things that can be put in it. The parking lot has reached its full ----------.
If something is ----------, it is being judged based on something else. The money that John has is ---------- to most other adults.
If something is ----------, it has all the details about something else. The teacher gave us a ---------- review for the exam.
To ---------- something is to protect it from being ruined or used completely. The group worked to ---------- the beauty of Europe's national parks.
If something is ----------, it is extremely important to another thing. Clean air is ---------- to the survival of humans, plants, and animals.
---------- describes an increase by adding one after another. The ---------- snowfall in the area is 50 centimeters per year.
To ---------- something is to put it into a place or another thing. i ---------- the money into my bank account.
To ---------- something is to give it to a number of people. The teacher ---------- crayons and markers to his students.
The ---------- is an imaginary line that splits the Earth into north and south. The ---------- crosses the northern part of South America.
---------- describes something unusual because it is from far away. Rebecca tried many ---------- foods on her trip to Africa.
If something is ----------, it comes from the government of a country. Sometimes ---------- laws are different from state laws.
A ---------- is the way that something is made. The ---------- of ice happens when water freezes.
The ---------- of something is the number of times that it happens. The ---------- of rainstorms is very high, especially during the spring.
An ---------- is a goal or plan that someone has. My ---------- this week is to finish my homework by 7:30 every night.
---------- is a gas that all living things need to breathe. My aunt believes that the ---------- in the country is cleaner than in the city.
A ---------- is a forest that is in a place where it rains very often. The ---------- is home to many animals.
A ---------- is a plan for how to do something. The team came up with a ---------- to win the game.
If an area is ----------, it is covered with trees. Jim and Ben decided to go hiking in the ---------- area by the river.
---------- is help. It is often used in the achievement of a goal. His studying was to no ---------- because he failed the test.
To ---------- is to become bigger in size. A balloon will ---------- as you blow air into it.
To ---------- means to clearly state, show, or explain what something is. People ---------- success in many different ways.
To ---------- is to be afraid of something that could, or is going to, happen. I ---------- the idea that I will not get into college.
If something is ----------, it is a basic part of something. The ---------- rules of basketball are easy.
If something is ----------, it is frightening and very unpleasant. There was a ---------- car accident today.
If someone is ---------- about something, they do not believe that it is true. She was ---------- that monkeys could ever drive a car.
To ---------- is to last for a long time. The smell of fresh cookies ---------- in the bakery.
An ---------- is a living thing, especially a very small one. We studied the ---------- on the microscope.
To ---------- is to make someone else's writing or speech shorter. The students were asked to ---------- the story they just heard.
A ---------- is a serious disease that quickly spreads to many people. A ---------- in Europe killed millions of people.
If something happens ----------, it is happening right now. ----------, our profits are good, but by next year we can do even better.
If something is ----------, it happens without any pattern or reason. Young children often ask ---------- questions.
A ---------- is a crowd that reacts to bad news by violently breaking laws. A ---------- broke out after the candidate lost the election.
To ---------- is to write something quickly without caring about how it looks. I ---------- a rough diagram of our plan and gave it to him.
A ---------- is a religious building built to honor a person, event, or god. He prayed at the ---------- for an hour.
---------- is the state of being totally alone. John lives a life of ---------- because he doesn't get along well with people.
If a contrast is ----------, then the things being compared are utterly different. There is a ---------- contrast between their test scores.
To ---------- a person is to ask them to come to you. We ---------- the doctor as soon as we noticed she was sick.
To ---------- is to get worse. The weather suddenly ----------, and we had to stay inside.
An ---------- is a car. The first ---------- were very different from the ones that exist today.
A ---------- is a person who is competing to win something such as a job. Alice is the best ---------- for the job.
If something is ----------, it must be kept secret. The information from the meeting is ----------.
If something is ----------, it is related to a large business. Tom enjoys working in the ---------- world.
To ---------- something is to make it better. Amy's blue shirt really ---------- the color of her eyes.
An ---------- is a period of time that has something special about it. During the medieval ----------, knights wore protective armor.
A ---------- is a rule about how to do something. Before they began the project, the teacher gave them some ----------.
To ---------- is to add something to another thing. I decided to ---------- a new ingredient into my cake recipe.
To ---------- is to talk to or do something with another person. The kids began to ---------- when the adults left the room.
An ---------- is the time between two things happening. Tony rested for brief ---------- while he worked in the yard.
If something is ----------, it can be moved easily. ---------- phones are popular because you can take them anywhere.
To ---------- something is to change it a little bit. I ---------- my outfit by adding a belt to it.
If two things are ----------, they are the same distance away from each other. There are two yellow ---------- lines dividing both sides of traffic.
A ---------- is something that can be seen as it is happening. I was amazed when I saw the ---------- of shooting stars.
To ---------- means to make air, water, or land dirty, unclean, or foul. The careless factory ---------- the river with chemicals.
To ---------- is to make fun of something in a mean way. The other students ---------- Peter's foreign accent.
If something is ----------, it is related to the sun. Using ---------- energy is good for the environment.
A ---------- is a piece of land that belongs to a country but isn't a state. Gibraltar is a ---------- of Great Britain.
A ---------- is a competition, usually with many people participating. My dad is playing in a golf ---------- tomorrow.
---------- is any type of vehicle that can carry people or things. 1 don't have a car, so my normal ---------- is the train.
A ---------- is a statement of money owed for goods or a service. I have so many ---------- that I do not know how to pay for them all.
A ---------- is the line where one area of land stops, and another begins. This fence shows the ---------- between our yard and yours.
---------- is a situation that is confusing and not ordered. His presentation was in ----------. I couldn't understand what he meant.
If a person is ----------, they keep the same behavior or attitude. Sara comes in every day and is our most ---------- worker.
A ---------- is a large storm with heavy rain and winds that spin in a circle. Hundreds of homes were damaged by the ----------.
If someone or something is ----------, they are going to fail or be destroyed. Since I spent all my money, my date with Jane is ----------.
An ---------- is a person who receives money or property of someone who dies. The princess was the ---------- to the king and queen's throne.
If something is ----------, it is related to fighting or war. Karate is a ---------- art that began many years ago in Japan.
If food is ----------, it is grown without adding chemicals to it. The ---------- carrots are more expensive, but they're better for you.
---------- is a bird, such as a chicken, that is used for meat and eggs. He raises ---------- and sells their meat for extra money.
To ---------- is to move somewhere quickly and desperately. The hikers ---------- down the side of the hill.
A ---------- is a soldier or police officer of middle rank. He was promoted to ---------- after a year in the army.
If you describe something as ----------, it is complete and very strong. 1 was impressed by her ---------- dedication to jogging.
A ---------- is an attitude about an issue that someone states clearly. My ---------- is that using oil and gas is bad for the environment.
A ---------- is a method of sending electric messages on wires. In the 1900s, the ---------- was the fastest way to send a message.
---------- is cloth that has been woven or knitted. The blue ---------- was going to be used to make blouses.
A ---------- is a tube-shaped formation of air that spins very quickly. During a ----------, the safest place to be is underground.
A ---------- is a large tropical storm that moves in circles. Thousands of people lost electricity after a ---------- hit Australia.
To ---------- is to show sadness by crying loudly. The baby ---------- because it was hungry.
A ---------- is the collection of all of a person's clothing. She bought some new clothes to expand her ----------.