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To ---------- is to happen. Difficulties ---------- with his computer because it was old.
A ---------- is a person who gives money to help someone. The student's ---------- gave him money to spend on his studies. صاحب خیر، دست به خیر
A ---------- is a person who makes things out of metal. The ---------- pounded the piece of metal until it was flat.
When someone is ----------, they help people who are in need. My sister was ---------- enough to help me buy my first house.
A ---------- is a tall pipe used to carry smoke out of a building. The cat was on the roof sitting next to the ----------.
To ---------- is to pay someone for the time they spent doing something. Her boss ---------- her for the extra work she did last week.
If you ---------- something, you meet or come close to it. I ---------- a sea turtle while I was swimming.
To ---------- is to be more than something. Since I ---------- my lim it, I decided to get rid of my credit cards.
To ---------- is to make or produce, especially with difficulty. Stacy and Heather ---------- their friendship when they were teenagers. فعل جالبی است، در اصل به معنی کوره آهنگری، منتهی ساختن هرچیزی با مشقت و دشواری معنی می دهد، فعل جعل کردن هم معنی می دهد
People who are ---------- do not believe that they are better than other people. Even though Bob is the smartest boy in his class, he is ----------.
---------- is a strong metal that is used to make many objects. The horse had shoes made of ----------.
A ---------- is an object that is used to climb up and down things. He used a ---------- to climb to the top of his tree house.
If people are ----------, they do not think that they are too important. Derek is very ---------- for someone who is so rich.
To ---------- a place is to live, work, or be there. Kevin and Alice ---------- the chairs and had a long discussion.
A ---------- is a coin worth one cent. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is on the ----------.
To ---------- is to talk about and promote a religious idea. Aaron often ---------- about living an honest life.
To ---------- is to be successful or make a lot of money. Frank's new business finally ---------- after many years of hard work.
A ---------- is a small area that is controlled by a country. Canada is divided into several different ----------.
---------- is a feeling you get when you do or receive something good.Brad was filled with ---------- when he saw what was for dinner.
To ---------- something is to keep it going. Wind power is a clean way to ---------- a city with energy.
To ---------- something is to gain possession of it. Tina ---------- a strange package yesterday. فعل کسب کردن، صاحب شدن
If something is ----------, it is embarrassing and uncomfortable. After dropping his coffee cup, Robbie felt ----------.
A ---------- is a person who takes care of very young, old, or sick people. My grandmother's ---------- helps her get around the house.
To ---------- someone is to make them believe something that is not true. He tried to ---------- his friends as they were playing a game.
To ---------- someone is to make them feel less excited about something. Mr. Perry ---------- the students from quitting school.
If something is ----------, it is made to look real in order to trick people. The model was wearing ---------- eyelashes.
---------- is a strong feeling of not liking someone or something. I have a ---------- for the taste of medicine. به خود حس دشمنی و نفرت و اینا میگن
A ---------- is a house made of wood, grass, or mud that has only one or two rooms. We all went into the ---------- to sleep. کلبه، کاشانه، مدل خانه های سیستان بلوچستان
If something is ----------, it is not as good as something else. Cars built a hundred years ago are ---------- to ones built today.
A ---------- is a house in the mountains, used by people who hunt or fish. During our ski trip, we stayed at a ----------.
To ---------- someone or something is to not take care of it properly. William ---------- his room, so it is a complete mess.
A ---------- is a person who has recently arrived at a place or a group. The students happily welcomed the ---------- to the school.
An ---------- is behavior that is wrong or breaks a law. Stealing a car is a very serious ----------.
To ---------- something is to not notice it, or to not realize that it is important. Brenda ---------- the last step and had a bad fall.
To ---------- is to pay back or to reward someone or something. She ---------- her friend for all of his hard work with a small gift.
If something is ----------, it is silly or strange. Steve looked ---------- with those huge blue sunglasses.
If something is ----------, it is good enough. Mina often received ---------- grades since she studied so hard.
A ---------- is a person who protects and cares for sheep. The ---------- moved the sheep to another field.
To ---------- is to go to a place that may be dangerous. Even though it was dangerous, they ---------- up the mountain.
---------- is a plant which makes grain. ............. grain is used to make bread. The field of golden ---------- was ready to be harvested.
An ---------- is a narrow read behind houses or buildings The ---------- behind my house looks dirty
An ---------- is a tool used to cut wood. She used an ---------- to cut some wood for the fire.
A ---------- is a group of the same things.She was hungry, so she ate the entire ---------- of grapes.
A ---------- is a job that you have to do but don't like. It's Nikki's ---------- to do the dishes every Tuesday and Wednesday night.
When something is ----------, it is OK or good enough. Eric did a ---------- job painting the fence.
---------- is a feeling of shame. He felt a sense of ---------- after failing his big exam. حس شرم همراه با تحقیرشدگی و سرافکندگی، خفت درواقع
The ---------- is the middle part of a person's arm that lets you bend it.She pointed to her ---------- to show me where she hurt herself. فعل اش هم جالب است، به معنی با آرنج زدن و از شر چیزی خلاص شدن، از میدان به در کردن
When you are ---------- for something, you are happy that it happened. The girls were ---------- to have a chance to spend time with their grandfather.
To ---------- means to annoy someone. She was ---------- when her brother told her that he had lost her camera. !وقتی از خشم از یک چیزی کسی را اذیت می کنی و می سوزانی
To ---------- is to make a joke to make someone believe something which is not true. I am not really mad. I was ---------- when I said I was angry.
When something is ----------, it is not held in place well. The bolt was ----------, so I tightened it with the wrench. صفت است اینجا، به معنی شل، سست، مثلا یک پیچ وقتی شل باشد
To ---------- someone means to make them angry or upset. They were both ---------- by what they had said to each other. فعل رنجاندن، تخطی کردن هم می شود
When something happens ----------, it happens during the night. The campers stayed in the tent ----------. چادر چی میشه؟
To ---------- means to keep doing something even when it is hard. Even though the lesson was difficult, he ---------- until he understood.
A ---------- is a type of tree that is tall and thin. There were many beautiful ---------- trees in the forest. کاج
A ---------- is a mark on the skin after a wound heals. The monster had horrible ---------- on his cheek and forehead. مثلا جای ضربات چاقو که روی بدن اشرار هست، گونه هم بگو چی میشه؟
A ---------- is a feeling a person gets from their senses. Mom got a painful ---------- in her head from the loud noise.
A ---------- is a small vehicle that you use on snow. Marvin likes to ride his ---------- down the hill in winter. سورتمه
To ---------- someone means to laugh at or make fun of them. Jake ---------- Charlie because he was the new student. دست انداختن، سر به سر گذاشتن، آزار دادن، سرکار گذاشتن
A ---------- is someone you love or admire with great affection. Harry wanted Molly to be his ----------.
When a plant ----------, it makes flowers. Roses look so pretty when they ----------. فعل شکوفه کردن، خود شکوفه هم میشه
If something is ----------, it is smaller than normal. A laptop computer is much more ---------- than a desktop model. جمع و جور
A ---------- is a small piece of something with a round shape. The colorful ribbons were bent into ----------. حلقه ، به موی فر هم میگن به خاطر حلقه هاش
To ---------- is to be destroyed naturally. The old wooden house was slowly ----------.
---------- is a sweet food that you eat after a meal. Kayla wants ice cream for ----------.
To ---------- something is to put part of it into a liquid for a short time. Laurel ---------- her strawberry into the chocolate. غوطه ور کردن، نون را در ماست یا غذا زدن هم میشه، غسل دادن هم میشه
If something is ----------, it is far away. Michael could barely see the ---------- island.
An ---------- is an occasion when the moon moves in front of the sun. A complete ---------- of the sun is a very rare occurrence. بخواهی بگی یک رخداد نادر
A ---------- is a small, magic creature with wings. There are usually ---------- in fantasy stories. پری
---------- is a quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed and attractive way. The ballerina danced with ---------- روانی و زیبای و فریبندگی، برای با ناز راه رفتن هم استفاده می شود
---------- is time when you do not have to do work. Eve likes to listen to music in her ---------- time.
---------- is all of the world's people. All of ---------- has to work to make this a better world.
---------- is a very strong feeling of wanting to do something. She had a ---------- for dancing.
A ---------- is something that you put your head on when you sleep. When I travel, I usually take along my favorite ----------.
A ---------- is the beat of the heart. The doctor checked the patient's ---------- by feeling his wrist. مچ چی میشه؟
To ---------- someone is to make them feel less hot or tired. The baby was ---------- after taking a cool bath.
To ---------- is to suddenly blow air out of your nose and mouth. He ---------- after smelling the flower.
A ---------- is a flavor for food and drinks. Two common ---------- found in many homes are salt and pepper.
To ---------- is to make a sound by putting your lips together and blowing.. Ashe was listening to music, Daryl ----------.
---------- is the hair that a sheep has. Grandma wants to use the blue ---------- to knit me a sweater. واژه ای که علاوه بر گره و گره زدن، فعل بافتن هم معنی می دهد
To ---------- is to get to know something or someone. Nancy ---------- herself with the new computer.
A ---------- is where people are buried when they die. Some people are scared of ----------.
To ---------- someone or something is to hope that bad things happen to them. The witch ---------- the village. نفرین، نفرین کردن
A ---------- is something you wear so people cannot tell who you are. Everyone knew that it was Dad in the Santa ----------. لباس مبدل، لباس مبدل پوشیدن ،تغییر قیافه دادن
If something is ----------, it is nicer than normal. Their table was all set for a ---------- dinner. در اینجا تجملی معنی می دهد، تفننی معنی اصلی اش است
A ---------- is a small electric light that you carry in your hand. We took a ---------- when we went camping. چراغ قوه
A ---------- is part of a coat that goes over your head. She put on her ---------- to keep her head warm.
An ---------- is a person who lives in a certain place. The number of ---------- in the countryside is increasing.
To ---------- something is to give it food that it needs to live. A good mother will ---------- her baby every day.
A ---------- is a sailor who steals things from other boats. ---------- are very scary characters.
A ---------- is something printed, like a newspaper or book. She's been a subscriber to that ---------- for over ten years.
A ---------- is a question that is difficult to answer but meant to be funny. I could not answer Wendy's ----------, but it made me laugh.
When something ----------s, it slowly gets softer and is destroyed. The old log began to ---------- in the forest. پوسیدن، فاسد شدن، توت فرنگی گندیده مثلا
To BE ---------- means to cause one to feel frightened. I was ---------- by the sight of the monster.
If something will happen ----------, it will happen very soon. My workday will end ----------.
A ---------- is the bones of a body. There is a ---------- in the science classroom.
If something ----------, it turns bad or rots. We left the fruit out too long, and it ----------.
If a person ----------, they do not get enough to eat and sometimes die. During the war, many people ----------. فعل قحطی کشیدن ،گرسنگی کشیدن
A ---------- is an exciting feeling. The boys enjoy the ---------- of surfing a big wave. هیجان، فعل به هیجان آوردن هم می شود
If something is ----------, it is very bad or evil. My boss is a very ---------- man.
To ---------- someone is to tell or warn them about something. The fire alarm ---------- us that there was a problem.
A ---------- is a television or radio show. We watched the ---------- of the local news on 7V.
A ---------- is a news report that talks about very recent and important events. There was a live ---------- reporting on the economy of the city.
A ---------- is a small raised area on a surface. The monkey got a ---------- on his head because he was hit by a rock. # why-a-bump-on-your-wrist-may-be-a-cause-for-concern
To ---------- something means to cut it into pieces with a tool. Mom ---------- some vegetables to put into the stew. فعل ریز ریز کردن، مثلا پیاز یا گوشت در آشپزی
A ---------- is a small room used to store things. Marie has many clothes inside of her ----------.
To ---------- someone who is sad means to make them comforted. When my dog ran away, my dad ---------- me. فعل دلداری دادن، تسلی دادن و تسلیت گفتن هم می شود
A ---------- is a small part of a city, county, state, or country. I live in a residential ---------- of Seattle, Washington.
A ---------- is a small part in furniture that is used to store things. I put my clothes into the empty ----------.
To ---------- something tough means to do or go through it. She had to ---------- her husband shouting all day long.
To ---------- someone means to kill them as a legal punishment. Some people are ---------- for serious crimes.
To ---------- something means to hold it. He ---------- the bag of money tightly.
When something is in the ---------- of something, it is in the back. The man loaded the ---------- of his truck with boxes.
A ---------- is someone who makes laws for a state. The young ---------- promised to make laws that would help the people.
A ---------- is the hard part of your head. Your brain is inside of it. The brain is protected by the ----------.
To ---------- something means to mix it using something small, like a spoon. Mom ---------- the batter until it was smooth. فعل هم زدن، به جنبش درآوردن هم میشه
To ---------- something is to hit it lightly. He ---------- the keys of the keyboard to write a short word. ضربه آرام زدن، از جنس مدل تایپ کردن مثلا، مربوط به شیر آب و اینها هم می شود این واژه
When something is ----------, it is very large. The Earth's oceans are filled with a ---------- amount of water.
When something is ---------- something else, it is below or lower than it. The roots of a tree are located ---------- the ground.
A ---------- is a small animal with a long, thin body. ---------- are often used to help catch fish.
To ---------- something is to leave it forever or for a long time. The old room had been ---------- years before.
If someone is ----------, they want to be rich or successful. Kendra had to be ---------- to get into medical school.
When a dog ----------, it makes a short, loud noise. The dog ---------- loudly and frighteningly.
A ---------- is an area near the ocean where the land goes inward. The Golden Gate Bridge crosses San Francisco ----------.
If someone is ----------, they are very smart. My younger sister is ---------- for someone her age.
Your ---------- is the hard part at the bottom of your face. Luke pointed to the hair on his ----------.
A ---------- is something you say to tell people that you don't like something Mom said she didn't want to hear my brother's ----------.
When someone is ----------, they cannot hear. Susan was born ----------.
To be ---------- about something is to be excited by or interested in it. The man was ---------- about his job.
An ---------- is a long trip, usually to a place very far away. They got into their spaceship to begin their ----------.
The ---------- is where the sky looks like it meets the ground. The sun clipped below the ----------.
To be ---------- to something or someone is to agree to always help them. The three friends are very ---------- to each other
The ---------- is the person in charge of a city. The ---------- of my hometown is quite a powerful speaker.
If something is ----------, it is felt in the same way by two or more people. Robert likes Sarah. The feeling is ----------.
If someone is ----------, they are very fat. Roger eats too much, so now he's ----------.
A ---------- is a place where you go to be safe. When it started to rain, she found ---------- in the house. پناه، ملجأ ، پناهگاه
To ---------- something is to put it back the way it was. Victor ---------- the old car.
To ---------- something is to push on it and move your hand back and forth. Mom's feet were sore, so she ---------- them.
Your ---------- are how you see, taste, hear, feel and smell. It would be hard to live without your five ----------.
A ---------- is a doctor that takes care of animals. Wanda became a ---------- because she loves dogs.
An ---------- is a day that celebrates something from the past. My parents went out to eat for their wedding ----------.
---------- is math. I like to study ---------- at school.
To be ---------- is to feel upset because you did something wrong or bad. He was ---------- when he found out that I knew about his past.
To ---------- is to suddenly break open or apart. The bomb ---------- over the city. فعل ترکیدن، از هم پاشیدن، در اینجا منفجر شدن
A ---------- is a person who builds things with wood. We hired a ---------- to make a cupboard.
---------- is a hard black rock that you burn for heat. Many power stations burn ---------- to produce energy.
A ---------- is a long, soft seat that many people can sit on. Kim and M artin's new ---------- was very expensive.
When a liquid ----------, just a little bit falls at a time. I heard water ---------- from the faucet. شیر آب چی میشه؟
If something is ----------, it is very fancy and pleasing. In Japan, women wear ---------- kimonos on special occasions.
---------- is cloth used to make clothes, furniture, etc. The towels were made from a soft ----------.
The ---------- are high areas of land, usually with mountains. The man had a small home in the ----------. ارتفاعات، به صورت جمع به کار می رود
---------- is a white, hard substance that comes from elephants. The elephant's long ---------- tusks looked very impressive. عاج یا همان شاخ یا دندان فیل
A ---------- is a building where flour is made. The farmer took his wheat to the ---------- to make it into flour. آسیاب؛ آرد چی میشه؟
A ---------- is a small, sharp piece of metal that you use to make or fix clothes. I used a ---------- to fix the hole in my pants.
To ---------- something is to rub it in order to make it shiny. Mark spent all morning ---------- his shoes for the wedding.
To ---------- means to put pieces of cloth together using string. I learned to ---------- when I was a little girl. فعل دوختن، دوزندگی کردن، خیاطی کردن
A ---------- is a small building where you store things like tools.We have a small ---------- in the backyard for storage. انباری در اصل
A ---------- is a thin piece of string. I have many different colors of ---------- at home. نخ
To ---------- something is to cut it a little bit. I had my hair ---------- this afternoon. فعل بریدن و کوتاه کردن
If something goes ----------, it moves vertically higher. The kite went ---------- further and further.
To ---------- a person or group is to cause difficulty or pain. My brother went to the doctor to see what was ---------- him.
An ---------- is someone who agrees to help or support you. I was happy tofind many ---------- who shared the same opinion as me.
To ---------- is to talk about how good you are. We all became tired of listening to him ---------- about himself all day. فعل به رخ کشیدن، لاف زدن، خودستایی کردن
To ---------- is to move something up and away from a surface after hitting it. Owen ---------- the ball on the ground. پریدن و جستن، پراندن و جستن چیزی هم معنی می دهد
A ---------- is a person who is mean to others. The two ---------- always picked on the smaller, weaker kids. قلدر ، قلدری کردن
---------- are substances in foods like bread that give you energy. ---------- like rice are a good source of energy for active people.
To ---------- is to move slowly on your hands and knees.The baby ---------- across the floor خزیدن، سینه خیز رفتن؛ نوعی از شنا هم هست
To ---------- someone is to beat them in a game or battle. The champion ---------- the challenger in the boxing match.
A ---------- is the front of a clock. I looked at the ---------- to see what time it was. صفحه مدرج
When someone or something is ----------, they are stronger than others. The gorilla is one of the ---------- animals in the jungle.
If you show ----------, you choose not to punish or harm someone. He asked his boss for ---------- and to not fire him.
To ---------- is to move your head up and down. I ---------- my head as I listened to the song.
An ---------- is someone who fights against you. On the field, our ---------- were too good for us.
To ---------- is to argue or fight. Billy ---------- with his wife about buying a new house. دعوا مرافعه
A ---------- is someone that is trying to keep you from getting what you want. The three ---------- were all competing for the same job.
When a part of your body is ----------, it hurts. After lifting the heavy box, Mona's back was ----------. زخمی، دردناک، منتهی صفت برای آن بخش بدن است، نه خود انسان
To ---------- is to cause pain by pushing a sharp part into the skin. The needle ---------- my arm and made me say, " Ouch!"
To ---------- is to try very hard. Casey ---------- to lift the heavy box. تقلا کردن در اینجا معنی می دهد، معنی های دیگری هم دارد
---------- is something that causes you physical or mental pain. Greg thought that writing the essay was ----------. شکنجه، ولی ترجمه عذاب جالب تر است
To ---------- is to play a game where you try to push someone to the floor. My dad loved to ---------- when he was in high school.
---------- is the state of something being away. There is an ---------- of sand in the hourglass.
If you say something ----------, you say it so that others can hear you. My father often reads stories ---------- to me and my sister.
If someone is ----------, they have no hair. My oldest brother is ----------.
A ---------- is a piece of cloth that you use to keep warm or to sit upon. I laid a ---------- on the ground so that we could have a picnic.
To ---------- is to move quietly and slowly. The cat slowly ---------- down the tree. خزیدن، آرام و مرحله به مرحله راه رفتن
---------- is an event in which a marriage is ended. ---------- rates have increased in the past twenty years.
To ---------- someone is to do exactly what they do. He ---------- his favorite superhero by putting on a costume.
An ---------- is a baby. The ---------- cried all night.
To ---------- someone is to take them illegally. She was terrified to find out her son was ----------.
A ---------- is a short sleep, usually during the day. I took a short ---------- because I stayed up late last night.
You use ---------- to say that a place or thing does not exist. Unfortunately, water was ---------- to be found.
To ---------- something is to hit it softly with your hand. I ---------- some lotion onto my face. با دست آهسته به چیزی زدن، برای کرم زدن به صورت مثلا استفاده می شود. نوازش هم معنی می دهد
---------- is a feeling you get when something bad or challenging ends. I felt a sense of ---------- when I heard the good news. آسودگی، راحتی خیال، بخواهی بگی از چیزی خیالت راحت شده
To ---------- is to make something exactly how someone else did it. The children tried to ---------- their house using toy blocks.
To ---------- is to have the same sounds at the end of a word. Humpty Dumpty is an old ---------- that children learn in school. قافیه، به قسمتی از شعر هم میگویند
To ---------- is to put something in your mouth and try to get flavor out of it. The baby ---------- m ilk from her bottle.
If something is ----------, it is important and needs to be done now. He had to leave now, it was ----------.
To ---------- is to go away suddenly. All the passengers ---------- from the train station.
A ---------- is a cart you use to carry heavy things. He used his ---------- to carry some of his gifts.
A ---------- is a line on a person's face that happens as they get old. My grandfather has some ---------- on his face.
If something is ----------, it is strange or not normal. Her idea of art is a bit too ---------- for me.
---------- is a hard plant with thin branches and leaves. Outside his home, there is a lot of ----------.
A ---------- is a flower or group of flowers. There were colorful ---------- in the yard.
A ---------- is a device used to tell what direction one is going. A ---------- is an important tool to have when you are traveling.
A ---------- is a regional variety of language showing where you are from. People from the U.K. have a different ---------- of English from those in the U.K
If someone is ----------, they do not tell the truth. She was being ---------- when she copied the answers from his test.
A ---------- is a creature from stories that often looks like a short, hairy man. The ---------- had a pleasant look on his face.
An ---------- is a group of plants and animals in an area. The river's ---------- not only includes fish but other insects and plants too
If something is ----------, it causes death. They passed away in a ---------- car crash.
If someone is ----------, they are not able to wait for things. Bob was so ---------- that he could barely wait for the light to turn green.
A ---------- is the flat green thing on trees or bushes. In the fall, the ---------- on the trees change colors.
A ---------- is an old book or paper written by hand. The ---------- was written over 150 years ago.
A ---------- is a type of wet land covered with grasses and short plants. The ---------- looked so lovely against the mountains.
---------- is the ability to wait for something without becoming upset. Sue's ---------- was rewarded by catching her very first fish.
---------- is a good-smelling liquid that girls wear. When she wore her ----------, everyone said she smelled great.
A ---------- is a very small area of water. The ducks swam in the ----------.
A ---------- is a short saying that tells you something important. The ---------- "egg on your face" means you've done something embarrassing.
A ---------- is a chase. The dinosaur was in ---------- of the caveman.
To ---------- something means to repeat or say aloud in front of a group. Katie ---------- the Pledge of Allegiance in class. چیزی از بر خواندن و زمزمه کردن، مثلا سرود ملی، یا متن مقدس مثل قرآن
A ---------- is an area where no people live. If you are not careful, you can get lost in the ----------.
To ---------- something is to think that it will happen. Carrie ---------- the arrival of her baby.
A ---------- is a round thing that you can keep liquids in. There was an empty ---------- outside the house.
A ---------- is a heavy bar. Modern skyscrapers are made with several ----------.
If something is ----------, it is relaxed or simple. You can wear ---------- clothes to the party like jeans.
---------- is care and attention in order to avoid danger. Please use the power saw with ----------. It is very dangerous.
If something is ---------- to something else, it is the opposite. It isn't warm outside at all. On the ----------, it is quite cold.
If you are ----------, you do something on purpose. Bernie made a ---------- attempt to injure Andy.
To ---------- something is to mix it into a liquid and disappear. I ---------- the p ill in a glass of water.
When something ----------, it blows up. My new radio ---------- when I plugged it in.
To ---------- something is to close it or put it in the correct place. Elizabeth ---------- her seat belt.
A ---------- is something that makes you sick. ---------- are on everything that you touch.
A ---------- is a set of all the things needed to do something. Is there a first aid ---------- in your office? هر گونه جعبه ابزاری به هر منظوری
A ---------- is a little bit of smoke or steam. A ---------- of smoke came from the burnt match.
A ---------- is a small towel. Please use a ---------- to clean the dust off the table.
To ---------- something is to make it go in many places. I accidentally ---------- all of my pills. فعل پخش کردن چیزی
A ---------- is a smell. Julie enjoyed the ---------- of the flowers.
---------- is a shiny gray metal. The new apartment building was made with ----------.
If something is ----------, it is fast. The ---------- horse easily jumped over the hurdle.
If you ---------- something, you throw it softly. He ---------- a coin into the air.
---------- is what you feel when you win or finish something. He raised the award in ---------- at the end of his speech.
When someone is ---------- a ship or plane, they are on or in it. They climbed ---------- the kayak and paddled through the river.
When a person is ----------, they are upset with someone or a situation. He was extremely ---------- when his computer crashed. تلخ و تند، منتهی در اینجا صفت برای رنجیدن تند و تیز از چیزی معنی می دهد
A ---------- is a small metal object that is shot out of guns. ---------- come in different sizes for different guns.
The ---------- is a powerful evil spirit in some religions. The church promised protection from the ----------.
To ---------- means to be moved slowly by wind or water. The large chunk of ice ---------- in the water.
To ---------- means to make a person follow a rule. Police ---------- traffic laws to keep everyone safe.
A ---------- is a source of water made by people. There was a beautiful ---------- in the middle of the park.
A ---------- is an area of water along a shore where boats land. There were a few small boats in the ----------.
To ---------- means to live in a certain place. No one ---------- the ancient city. فعل ساکن بودن
To ---------- means to walk at a steady pace together with others. The soldiers ---------- in straight rows.
A ---------- is a person who has at least a million dollars. He became a ---------- because he was smart with his money.
A ---------- is a place where ships stop to load and unload things. The ship was being loaded with materials at the ----------.
A ---------- is a police officer who is in charge of a large area. It was the ---------- job to make the city safe.
To ---------- means to scare someone suddenly. The loud crash ---------- the sleeping woman.
To ---------- means to lose liquid from the body through the skin. Whenever I workout, I ---------- quite a bit.
A ---------- is the part of the gun that a person pulls to make it fire. The man had his finger on the ---------- of the gun.
To ---------- means to bring people or things together. With their good deeds, the children tried to ---------- the world.
A ---------- is a large ship or boat. We toured the area aboard a luxury ----------.
A ---------- is a long journey made on a boat or an aircraft. The astronauts took off on a long ---------- to the moon.
To ---------- means to like and honor a person, thing, or religious figure. Many people around the world ---------- in a church.
An ---------- is a person who learns how to do a job from a skilled person. Mark is an ---------- chef at the restaurant.
To ---------- someone is to tell them something is true to make them less worried He ---------- the boss that the building would be done on time.
A ---------- is a piece of cloth used to stop bleeding. If you cut yourself, please get a ---------- from the first-aid kit.
To ---------- is to lose blood. If you are not careful, you will cut your finger and ----------.
To ---------- with someone is to become friends with them. The women ---------- after several hours of conversation.
A ---------- is a person who cooks in a restaurant. Tom is a ---------- at the restaurant near my house.
A ---------- is the hat worn by a king or queen. The ---------- is made of gold.
A ---------- is the act of leaving a place. They were excited about their ---------- back home.
If someone is ----------, they work hard and are careful. Craig has always been a very ---------- person at work.
An ---------- is the leader of a group of countries. The ---------- Julius Caesar was in control of ancient Rome.
---------- is a thread of a substance used to make clothes or rope. The mat was made from tiny ----------. رشته، تار، فیبر نوری که می گویند
If something is ----------, it is very bad. The assignment was ----------. I hated it.
If someone is ----------, they are rude. Roger is ---------- to everyone he meets.
To ---------- is to put one or both knees on the ground. Daryl got down on one ---------- and asked Nina to marry him.
A ---------- is an expensive thing that you do not need. We stayed at a ---------- resort for our honeymoon.
If something is ----------, it is very big. The wheels on his truck were ----------.
To ---------- is tofeel so nervous or afraid that you cannot think clearly. Everyone ---------- when the house caught on fire.
A ---------- is something that is more important than other things. My ---------- is to get good grades in school.
A ---------- is a long, loose piece of clothing. Many people wear ---------- in the morning.
To ---------- means to criticize one angrily because they have done wrong. Jesse was ---------- by the teacher for not paying attention.
An ---------- is an event or a thing that happened. My wife and I attended a formal ---------- over the weekend.
An ---------- is a group that is together for the same reason. The students had an ---------- to talk about their interests.
To ---------- is to ask God for protection or help. The angel ---------- the newborn baby to keep it safe.
---------- is a food that you mix with milk and eat for breakfast. ---------- is a fast and common breakfast food enjoyed in the U.S.
If someone is ----------, they are happy or feel good. The children were ---------- because they didn't have to go to school. خشنود و بشاش
The ---------- of a round thing is the length across its center. The ---------- of the tree was about 22 centimeters.
To ---------- something is to use it for greedy reasons rather than good reason! The company ---------- their workers and makes them stay 12 hours a doy.|
A ---------- is a long time with little or no food. The farmers couldn't grow any food on the dry soil, so there was a ----------.
A ---------- is the act of collecting food from farming. They had a lot of wheat from the last ----------.
If someone is ----------, they are very happy. They felt ---------- because the weather was great. شادمان بودن، احساس شادمانی کردن
A ---------- is a hard seed or fruit that comes from some trees and bushes. To eat a ----------, first you have to crack its shell.
To ---------- is a way to ask someone to repeat what was said before. ---------- me teacher, but could you repeat what you just said?
A ---------- was a king in ancient Egypt. The ---------- ruled Egypt for thousands of years.
When a fruit is ----------, it is ready to be eaten. The cherries were nice and ----------.
To ---------- something is to cook it in an oven or over a fire. Mom ---------- a turkey for the holiday dinner.
A ---------- is a way of doing things that is the same every time. My father's daily ---------- includes shaving right before breakfast.
A ---------- is a plan or design. Mickey and Minnie came up with a ---------- to solve the problem. یک ترجمه ی خوب برایش می شود تمهیدات
If something or someone is ----------, they are thin. Look at my new cell phone. It's very ----------.
A ---------- is a device used to cook food. Our new ---------- helps us to cook food much faster than before.
A ---------- is a criminal act that involves someone stealing something. The ---------- of his TV took place when he was at work.
An ---------- is a young person or a teenager. The ---------- was excited about getting a skateboard for his birthday.
---------- is a natural ability or skill. He has a natural ---------- for water skiing.
To ---------- is to say a nice thing about someone or something. Her co-worker ---------- her for doing a good job.
To ---------- is to keep someone or something from doing something. All the traffic ---------- me from getting to work on time.
---------- is the work of collecting the news to put in newspapers or on TV. Before becoming a teacher, she worked in ----------.
A ---------- is a group of people that listen to a trial and say if someone is guilty. The ---------- listened closely to the attorney before they made their decision. I
---------- is fairness in the way that you treat other people.People turn to the court system when they are seeking ----------.
---------- is freedom to do what you want. To many people, the Statue of ---------- is a symbol of freedom.
If someone or something is ----------, it is involved with literature in some way He worked hard to create a successful ---------- career.
A ---------- is a place where medicine is sold. My mother sells medicine to people at the ----------.
A ---------- is a small object that has medicine inside. She took a ---------- for her headache.
To ---------- is to believe something is true without being certain. Since he raised his hand, the teacher ---------- he knew the answer.
To have ---------- is to be away from other people. Please hang the sign on the door so we can have some ----------.
A ---------- is something that one must endure for any wrongdoing. He was given a ---------- for being rude to the teacher.
If someone is ----------, they make good decisions. It was ---------- for her to save some money each month.
A ---------- is a piece from something larger, such as a cake. The girl enjoyed a ---------- of cake at her birthday party.
---------- is a very sad feeling. The girl felt ---------- after her best friend moved away.
A ---------- is a thin tube that is used to suck liquid into the mouth. I drank the orange juice through a ----------.
To ---------- is to become larger and rounder. My sister's stomach began to ---------- after she got pregnant. باد کردن، متورم شدن، خود برجستگی و تورم هم میشه
When something is ----------, it is clean and in order. Leon has always been a very ---------- boy.
---------- is a feeling of liking someone or something. Amanda has a lot of ---------- for her little sister Sarah. علاقه خیلی ترجمه خوبی است
An ---------- is a business or service set up to act for others. I went to a travel ---------- to help me arrange a flight home.
---------- is the grey or black powder created when something is burned. The end of his cigar was full of ----------.
To ---------- something is to keep it in one place. The elephant is ---------- to a cage in the zoo.
To ---------- something is to say it is not important. He quickly ---------- my idea about a new project.
To ---------- is for a volcano or something to shoot a hot substance. The volcano ---------- for the first time in ten years.
---------- is a power that causes some things to happen. Some people believe that a person's hand can tell their ----------. تقدیر و قدرتی که پشت امور است. معمولا بعنوان یک زن تصویرسازی می شود
---------- is the hot substance made of melted rock that shoots from volcanoes. The red hot ---------- poured from the volcano.
If someone is ----------, they are very unhappy. He was ---------- after his dog died.
To ---------- something is to control the way it moves or goes. She ---------- the ship across the ocean.
To ---------- somewhere is to start there. The idea of democracy ---------- in Ancient Greece.
The ---------- of something is what is left. He took a bite of the apple, then gave me the ---------- of it.
To ---------- something is tofind it and get it back. She ---------- her mail from the mail box.
If something is ----------, it is not deep. The kids were playing in the ---------- water.
A ---------- is ground that is not flat. The ---------- to the top of the mountain was very steep. سراشیبی درواقع
To ---------- a length of time is to last that long.His work began in 1999. It has ---------- many years since then. سپری شدن، مثلا بگی زمان زیادی سپری شده است از آنموقع
A ---------- is something magical that people believe is real.It is a ---------- that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. خرافات، خرافه
---------- is a feeling of being sad for another person. I felt ---------- for my sister so I got her a balloon to cheer her up. همدردی، دقیقا احساس همدردی داشتن اینجا هم عبارت دارد
To ---------- is to shake very hard. The machine made his whole body ---------- as he broke up the ground. اینکه با فعل کمکی می آید مهم است
To ---------- is to walk without going to a certain place. The boys like to ---------- in the woods and look at birds.
---------- is metal worn by soldiers to protect the body. The soldier wore ---------- to protect his body. زره، جوشن
To ---------- means to burn brightly or powerfully. The small fire soon ---------- into a large dangerous one. شعله کشیدن، زبانه کشیدن ،به گونه ای که بطور قوی بسوزاند
To ---------- means to make a loud, deep sound. The firecrackers made a loud ---------- when they exploded. غرش کردن، خود غرش هم می شود
A ---------- is a high and often flat wall of rock. The wolf stood at the ---------- and howled. صخره می شود درواقع بیشتر از تخته سنگ
A ---------- is part of fire. The torch was filled with yellow and orange ----------. زبانه و شعله آتش
---------- is the state of being free from the control of others. After leaving home, Sophia had a great feeling of ----------.
An ---------- is an attack by a group from another country. In Korea, walls were built around cities to protect them from ----------.
A ---------- is a soldier of high rank and skill who usually serves a king. He was the best soldier, so the king made him a ----------.
---------- is the bright light seen during a storm. The ---------- flashed above the water.
A ---------- is a person who fights the government in order to change it. The ---------- had enough of the government's unfair polices.
To ---------- means to run away because you have been beaten in a fight. The army ---------- because they were losing the battle. عقب نشینی کردن
A ---------- is a change to the political system by a group of people. The ---------- in Russia led to the creation of the Soviet Union.
A ---------- is a long stick with a blade on one end that is used as a weapon. The soldier was holding a ---------- in his hand. نیزه، فعل با نیزه زدن هم می شود
If something is ----------, then its slope or angle rises or falls sharply. He rode his bike up the ---------- hill to reach the top.
A ---------- is the highest part of a hill or mountain. Snow covered the ---------- of the mountain even during the summer.
---------- is the loud noise heard during a storm. The sound of the ---------- startled me.
---------- are soldiers that fight in groups in a battle. The ---------- were all prepared to go into battle.
A ---------- is a brave soldier or fighter. The samurai were some of the most skilled ---------- in the ancient world. جنگجوی سلحشور و دلاور
To ---------- means to leave a place, usually during war. After losing the battle, the enemy ---------- back to its own country.
To ---------- something means to give up control of it or to give it away. He had to ---------- his turn because he was in checkmate. فعل واگذار کردن، تسلیم کردن
A ---------- is a long seat for two or more people. Most parks have ---------- for citizens to relax upon.
To ---------- a hard situation or person is to deal with it. The couple has to ---------- each other about their problems.
A ---------- is a small flower with white petals and a yellow center. There were a few ---------- growing in the field.
A ---------- is an argument or disagreement that people have. Karen and Brian often have ---------- about silly things.
---------- is a feeling of being very afraid or shocked. The audience screamed in ---------- when the ghost appeared in the movie.
An ---------- is an event that is usually not pleasant. Mr. Wilson had an ---------- where he became sick and had to leave.
---------- is water that you can see in the air or on a surface. The forest was covered with ----------. مه
An ---------- is an inanimate thing that you can see or touch. The shopping cart was filled with ----------.
An ---------- is a child who does not have parents. The ---------- frequently cried during the night.
To ---------- is to make a secret plan to do something that is wrong or mean. The group was ---------- to ruin the company's financial reports. علاوه بر نقشه و طرح، دسیسه کردن و توطئه کردن و نقشه کشیدن برای چیزی هم می شود
When a female is ----------, she is going to have a baby. The ---------- woman was shopping for baby clothes.
---------- is a very angry feeling. The chef was filled with ---------- when his helpers ruined the meal. خشم و غضب، فعل خشمگین شدن هم معنی می دهد
---------- is what you do to hurt or punish someone who hurts you. He broke his sister's doll as ---------- after she lost his favorite book.
---------- is a bad feeling about things you have done wrong. The boy felt ---------- about misplacing his clothes.
To ---------- is to breathe out loudly and show that you are tired or sad. Molly ---------- when she looked at all the information she had to research.
To ---------- is to move quietly so that no one hears or sees you. The thief ---------- out of the house without anyone noticing him. دزدکی و پنهانی حرکت کردن، خود حرکت پنهانی هم می شود
To ---------- something is to give it because you have more than you need. I wanted to help him but I couldn't ---------- a tire. فعل بخشیدن از روی غنا نسبت به چیزی
The ---------- of a plant is the stick that grows leaves or flowers. The rose had a long thin ----------. به شاخه های ریز درخت میگن استیک
---------- is a meal that is eaten in the evening. We usually have ---------- around 6 o 'clock at my house.
When something is ----------, it is soft and easy to chew. The meat was so ---------- they didn't need knives to cut it with. ترد و نازک، مناقصه و مزایده هم می شود
If something is ---------- something else, it is under it. The largest part of an iceberg lies ---------- the waterline.
A ---------- is a baby animal, such as a bear or lion. The lion ---------- was crying for its mother. توله ، معمولا شیر و خرس
---------- is the time of day when the sun rises. At ----------, the sun gently rose over the farm.
If you are ----------, you are not happy with something. I was ---------- with their decision to work on Sunday. ناراضی
When something is done with ----------, it is not hard to do. The monkey climbed the tree with ----------. راحتی، آسودگی، فعل راحت کردن و آسوده کردن هم می شود
When something is ----------, it is easy to see or understand. It was ---------- from the look on his face that he was unhappy.
---------- is ice that falls from the sky when rain freezes. The ---------- from the storm was the size of golf balls. تگرگ
To ---------- means to make a long, loud sound like a wolf or a dog. The wolf ---------- at the moon.
To ---------- means to jump a long distance. He had to ---------- over the gap to reach the other side of the hill. جست، پرش، جست زدن، پرش کردن، خیز برداشتن
When something is ----------, it is beautiful and grand. The man gave his wife a pair of ---------- diamond earrings. با شکوه و مجلل، یک منظره مثلا یا مثلا صحنه نمایش طاووس
A ---------- is something that is needed. Fresh water is a ---------- for life.
An ---------- is the end of an action or event. The ---------- of his latest business plan was a complete failure.
A ---------- is a large group of things on top of one another. The ---------- of cups was beginning to tilt.
When something is ----------, it is very intelligent. For a little boy, Jeremy has some ---------- thoughts.
To ---------- something means to grab it quickly or strongly. The man ---------- as much money as he could before anyone could see him.
To ---------- something means to press it together and hold it tightly. When Clara saw her cat, she gave it a big ----------.
When something is ----------, it is the highest or best. The ---------- officer was in charge of keeping the citizens calm.
When something is ----------, it is very good. My youngest daughter is a ---------- painter. مهیب و عظیم با وجه مثبت
A ---------- is part of someone's personality. One ---------- of Salvador's personality is his cheerfulness.
When something is ----------, it is necessary for life. The heart is a ---------- organ.
When you become ---------- to something, you are in the habit of it. Grandfather is ---------- to reading the newspaper every morning.
To ---------- is to say that something is true. Using a graph, Malcolm ---------- the success of the company. با استفاده از گراف....؛
If someone is ----------, they are very surprised or shocked. 1 was ---------- when he pulled the live rabbit out of his hat. متحیر و شگفت زده شدن، مثلا در مشاهده یک شعبده بازی
To ---------- is to hit something to make a noise. The drummer ---------- on his drum as he marched in the parade. مثلا محکم زدن در بهم و ایجاد صدا
A ---------- is a group of relatives or friends. The Lee ---------- meets every year to celebrate the New Year.
When something is ----------, it does not give out much light. Working in a ---------- room is bad for your eyes. تار، تار شدن
---------- is special attention or importance. The students put special ---------- on chapter 4 because it will be on the test.
A ---------- is a short story that teaches a lesson. In the ---------- about the tortoise and the hare, the lesson is consistency. لاک پشت چی میشه؟
A ---------- is a large meal for many people. At Thanksgiving, I enjoy a wonderful ---------- with my family.
To ---------- is to make a soft light. The small flame ---------- softly. تابیدن، خود تابش هم میشه
When something is ----------, it has an empty space inside. Straws are ----------, so liquid can flow through them. حفره و تهی و پوک و همه ی اینها، از کره زمین و لوله بگیر تا هندونه مثلا
---------- is the natural way that people behave without thinking about it. Cats hunt mice because of ----------.
A ---------- is a place of the body where the bones meet, such as the knee. Two important bones in your leg meet at a ---------- in your knee. در اینجا مفصل معنی میده
To ---------- is to let a liquid or gas pass through a flaw. The pipe ---------- from many places. فعل چکه کردن، تراوش کردن
A ---------- is a doctor. The ---------- said I would feel better if I took my medicine.
To ---------- something valuable is to give it up to get something else. Her parents ---------- a lot of money in order for her to go to college.
When something is ----------, it is hard to move. The bird was standing on the tree's ---------- branch. سفت و سخت
To ---------- is to move a hand over something or someone. She ---------- her cheek to see if there was something on it.
When something is ----------, it is connected with death and suffering. The airplane crashed in a ---------- accident.
A ---------- is a song. The students played a familiar ---------- for the audience.
To ---------- is to have enough room. The meeting room can ---------- nine people.
A ---------- is a traveling show with animals and people. I like to go to the ---------- to see the animals do tricks.
If two things ----------, they happen at the same time. My birthday ---------- with Christmas.
To ---------- someone to do something is to pay them to do it. The artist was ---------- to create a picture.
A ---------- is a certain amount of medicine that you take at one time. My mother gave me a ---------- of medicine before I went to bed.
To ---------- something is to make it a certain color by using a special chemical. Valery got her hair ---------- at the salon yesterday.
The ---------- of something is how large, important, or serious it is. He ate to such an ---------- that he became overweight.
---------- is a category that describes being either a boy or a girl. Do you know the ---------- of her new baby?
A ---------- is the title of a newspaper story. The ---------- on the front page was about the economy.
When something is ----------, it is not official. They had an ---------- meeting to talk about their experiences.
To ---------- about something is to ask about it. Dad called to ---------- about the price of tickets for the show.
A ---------- is one who carries information from one place to another. The ---------- delivered an important document to the office.
To ---------- at something is to watch it carefully. She ---------- at people through the window.
A ---------- is a painting or photograph of someone. I saw many religious ---------- when I went to the museum.
To ---------- is to stay in one place without moving. The kids and their dog ---------- for a picture.
A ---------- is a large farm where animals are kept. My uncle has many horses on his ----------.
To ---------- something is to control where it goes. He ---------- the go-cart around the track.
A ---------- is a thick line. The flag of the United States has red and white ----------.
When an animal is ----------, it is not afraid to be near people. The ---------- bird rested on his hand.
To ---------- people is to offer them something they want but shouldn't have. I wasn't hungry, but she ---------- me with a piece of my favorite cake.
An ---------- is a native of Australia before Europeans lived there. The ---------- created beautiful artwork.
To ---------- something is to not let people do it. Smoking is ---------- in this building.
If you are ----------, you are careful in a dangerous situation. Be very ---------- as you stack those boxes.
To ---------- something is to say that you did it. He ---------- that he was responsible for choosing the winning story.
A ---------- is a small, old house in the countryside. My aunt lives in a pretty ---------- in the mountains.
---------- is the time of the day when the sky is light. I only allowed my kids to play outside in the ----------.
If you are ----------, you will try anything to do or change something. I'm ---------- to find a new job. صفت برای کسی که به آخر خط رسیده و برای انجام کاری مصمم است
If something ----------, it gets quieter or darker. The piece of cloth I found was old and ----------.
If a person or animal is ----------, they are angry or violent. Wolves are ---------- animals. Do not disturb them.
To ---------- means to play a game that involves winning or losing money. Many people like to go to casinos to ----------.
A ---------- is an area covered in grass. My dad keeps the ---------- in front of our house very neat.
To ---------- grass is to cut it to make it very short. I ---------- our lawn every weekend.
An ---------- is a criminal who hides from the police. The police passed out posters of the ---------- to all the people.
A ---------- is a possibility that something will happen. He wakes up every morning with the ---------- of having a good day.
A ---------- is a bag where women keep money, makeup and keys. My sister likes to buy designer ----------.
A ---------- is a thin stick made of wood or metal. I bought a new fishing ---------- to use while on vacation.
If something ---------- happens, it doesn't happen very often. It ---------- rains in southern Arizona.
To ---------- means to cut the hairs on your face with a sharp tool. My father ---------- his face every day because he doesn't want a beard.
If you are ----------, you are extremely scared. When I saw the ghost, I was absolutely ----------! وحشت زده
A ---------- is a man who can do magic. The ---------- made gold fall from the sky.
---------- is the set of bags that people take with them when they travel. I'm taking several pieces of ---------- with me on vacation.
A ---------- is the glass part of an electric light. I had to change the light ---------- in my bedroom.
A ---------- is a number of things that are tied together. I was shocked when he showed me a ---------- of money.
---------- are cows and bulls, especially on a farm. The rancher's ---------- were eating the grass in the field.
To ---------- means to run away from trouble or danger. The crowd of men tried to ---------- from the danger.
To ---------- means to eat grass. The cows ---------- in the field. چریدن
---------- is a desire to have more than the things that you need. She ate all the cookies out of her ----------.
A ---------- is a large group of the same type of animals that live together. The ---------- of cows moved slowly across the ranch.
To ---------- something means to start it. You have to turn the switch on to ---------- the computer system.
A ---------- is a small road. The ---------- passes directly in front of our house.
suitcases or other bags in which to pack personal belongings for traveling. The young woman's ---------- was packed in apparent readiness to travel to California.
---------- is bravery or the belief that you can do something. He has the ---------- to think that he can actually wrestle with a lion.
An ---------- is somebody who sees the good parts of a situation. Even though he has physical problems, my brother is an ----------.
A ---------- is a celebration when groups of people walk in the same direction. There were many marching bands in the spring ----------.
To ---------- the ground is to lay material on it to make it easier to walk or drive on. The path was ---------- with yellow bricks.
A ---------- is a ghost or spirit. A scary ---------- appeared from out of the darkness.
Something that is ---------- is able to be moved or carried easily. Since computers are ----------, people can use them anywhere.
A ---------- is a written announcement that is used to advertise something. I saw a ---------- about a free concert in the park.
To ---------- is to make small cuts with a claw or fingernail. I used a stick to ---------- my back.
A ---------- is a long piece of music performed by many musicians. Alex, a violin player, has always dreamt of playing a ----------.
A ---------- is a woman whose husband has died. The ---------- had no children and was very lonely.
To ---------- something is to spread it quickly. The fan helped to ---------- cool air through the room.
---------- means happening because of a different situation. Her ---------- rash came after she touched the poison ivy.
To ---------- something from another source means to get it from that thing. Red's nickname was ---------- from the color of her hair.
To ---------- is to die from not being able to breathe underwater. He would have ---------- if the sailors would not have rescued him.
A ---------- is a series of rulers who are all from the same family. The ancient Egyptians had a ---------- that lasted for many years.
A ---------- is a small part of something. Only a ---------- of the cake was gone.
---------- is a white layer of ice that forms during very cold weather. In the morning, the trees were all covered with ----------.
An ---------- is something that looks real, but doesn't actually exist. Some pictures create an ---------- for the eyes.
To ---------- is to take over a place by force. The enemy forces tried to ---------- our country through the air.
A ---------- is a rank in the military or police, or a person with that rank. The ---------- was a good leader, and his soldiers respected him.
The word ---------- describes something related to the sea. A healthy ocean is full of ---------- animals.
The ---------- of something or someone is their good qualities. The actor received an award for his ---------- in the movie.
A ---------- is the part of a country's military that fights at sea. My country is known for our strong ----------.
---------- relates to the cold places on Earth's north and south ends. Only a few people live in the Earth's northern ---------- region.
A ---------- is a line of light that comes from a bright object. The sun's warm ---------- covered the beach.
To ---------- means to quit a job. After I officially ---------- from work, I said goodbye to my boss.
---------- is the act of killing oneself. Some people feel so sad that they think ---------- is the only answer.
To ---------- is to shake as a result of cold weather. Harry was not used to the cold, so he ---------- most of the day.
When something is ----------, it is a hidden cause of something else. Her ---------- fear of flying reduced her traveling options.
To travel ---------- something means to travel through or using something. We arrived in the city from the airport ---------- the train.
To ---------- something means to make a small change to it. I ---------- the color of my nails to match my hair.
If someone stands ----------, they are on or to one side. The man stood ---------- and opened the door for me.
---------- is the season of the year between summer and winter. I love when the leaves fall in ---------- because I can play in them.
To ---------- is to mix two or more things together so that they become one thing My wife ---------- together all of the ingredients to make a delicious stew.
To ---------- is to fall down suddenly. The tree ---------- right in front of our house.
To ---------- something is to press it together so its shape is destroyed. Selena's new car was ---------- when something fell on top of it.
To ---------- is to move in a line that bends and does not go straight. The road ---------- to the left and to the right.
If something is ----------, it is very unpleasant. After running all day, Greg's feet had a ---------- odor.
A ---------- is a pipe that carries away water from a building, such as in a kitchen. The water in the sink goes down the ---------- as you wash your hands.
To ---------- is to hug. When they saw each other again, the happy couple ----------.
To ---------- someone is to wish that you had something that they have. Sally ---------- the happy couple.
---------- are objects that create colored lights when they are lit. The display of ---------- was so beautiful.
---------- is a powder made from plants that is used to make foods like bread. I wanted to bake a pie, but I needed ----------.
A ---------- is a string that you light on fireworks to make them explode. The boy lit the ---------- on the rocket and waited for it to burst in the sky.
---------- is a spice from the root of a plant. It tastes spicy and sweet. ---------- is a common ingredient in many dishes from India.
Ifyou are ----------, you think someone might take something from you. Miriam was ---------- because Sue was paying too much attention to jim .
A ---------- is a thick and smooth substance. My son needed some ---------- for a school project.
A ---------- is a paper that proves that something was received or bought. After looking at my ----------, I realized that I had spent too much money.
To ---------- something is to slide a piece of cloth over it to clean it. She ---------- the dust from the windows.
A ---------- is a thin string made out of metal. The ---------- were connected to towers that brought electricity to the city.
If you ---------- something, you accept that it is true or that it exists. The teacher ---------- that the young student was hungry.
An ---------- is a government worker who works in another country. The ---------- from Korea was in charge ofthe conference.
If someone is a ----------, they have light-colored hair. My cousin is different from me. She is a ---------- with blue eyes.
To ---------- a country means to attack and take control of it. The soldiers were trying to ---------- the world.
To ---------- something means to pull it across the ground. The dog was ---------- his owner down the street.
To ---------- is to say that something is bigger or better than it really is. Jimmy wasn't ---------- about the seriousness of his injury.
---------- is the collection of features of a society, such as language and religi Teepees are part of the ---------- of the American Indians of the plains.
To ---------- someone is to say things that will hurt their feelings. The girls ---------- each other all afternoon.
---------- means until something happens or while something is happening. He wants to be a doctor in the future, but ----------, he works a regularjol
A ---------- is a piece of jewelry that people wear around their necks. Joyce received a lovely pearl ---------- for her wedding anniversary.
A ---------- is a rich and powerful person. The Queen invited a ---------- from a nearby country to dinner.
When something is ----------, it is valuable and important. In a desert, water can be more ---------- than money.
A ---------- is an unfair opinion about someone before you get to know them. The company's rules against gender ---------- must be enforced.
A ---------- is a story that may not be true. Carla was spreading ---------- around the office.
A ---------- is something that is wrong for religious reasons. Taking something that doesn't belong to you is a ----------.
A ---------- is an amazing sight. Niagara Falls is quite a ----------.
A ---------- is a pile of different things. There was a ---------- of paperwork on his desk to complete.
If someone is ---------- of someone else, they do not trust that person. Dad was ---------- ofthe caller on the line.
---------- is a cheap white metal. Soup is a common food that is often sold in ---------- cans.
A ---------- is an attractive container where people keep flowers. The ---------- was filled with such lovely flowers.
If something ac---------- hes, it hurts. M indy's head ---------- because she bumped it against the wall.
If something is ----------, it is from far north near the North Pole. It is cold when the ---------- winds blow.
A ---------- is a path for water to travel through. The city of Venice, Italy, has many ----------.
A ---------- is a scientist who works with chemicals. My mother is a successful ---------- who helps invent new products.
A ---------- is a feeling of cold. The ---------- from the cold wind made Bill shiver.
---------- is a group of leaders in a government. — ---------- makes laws for people tofollow.
If something is ----------, it is made from milk. Things like milk and cheese are ---------- foods.
To ---------- is to go downward. I ---------- the stairs to get out ofthe building.
A ---------- is a person who sells food. Our ----------, Mr. Smith, is a very kind man.
To ---------- is to wait for a short time before doing something. He ---------- for a moment before he decided which choice to make.
An ---------- is an organization that works to help a city or group of people. Banks are vital ---------- that businesses and people use every day.
To ---------- is to run slowly. He ---------- every day so he can be healthier.
A ---------- is a person who sells things. The ---------- was selling used cars
To ---------- something is to push it with your finger. I ---------- my finger on a thumb tack.
To ---------- something is to make it happen later than planned. They ---------- the meeting until Elena arrived.
When a liquid ----------, it bursts and hits something. Some green paint ---------- upon the floor.
If people are ----------, they don't change their minds easily. Both of my parents are ----------. They never give in to each other.
A ---------- is a small part of a large city. I grew up in the ---------- only a few minutes outside ofthe city.
The ---------- is the level ofthe water in the sea. The ---------- continued to crawl upon the beach little by little.
A ---------- is a very sad event. It was a ---------- when his house was struck by lightning and burned.
A ---------- is an object that explodes and destroys large areas. The ---------- will destroy anything that is near.
A ---------- is a document that says that something is true or happened. I was given a ---------- after completing the computer course.
A ---------- is an event that makes a situation what it is. There were many ---------- behind their success like hard work.
A ---------- is a box used to bury dead people. When a person passes away, they are usually buried inside of a ----------.
To ---------- with a difficult or stressful situation means to deal with it. He ---------- with work stress by exercising three or four times a week.
---------- is the act of saying that you don't like or approve of something. She had a lot of ---------- about their new plan.
To ---------- something means to completely destroy it. The entire wall was ----------.
To ---------- is to make an unhappy look with your face. Melissa ---------- when she found out that the party had been cancelled.
To ---------- at something means to look at it for a long time. We used a telescope to ---------- at the stars for over an hour.
To ---------- at something means to look at it quickly. She ---------- behind her to see if he was looking at her.
---------- is the feeling of deep sadness, usually when a person dies. The ---------- caused by losing her parents was very difficult for her.
A ---------- is a man who is going to be married. The ---------- looked happy as he walked with his new wife.
A ---------- is an official document that gives one permission to do something. In the United States you need a driver's ---------- to drive legally.
A ---------- is a device that makes small objects look bigger. Germs cannot be seen without a ----------.
When something is ----------, it relates to the division or joining of atoms. ---------- power plants provide inexpensive energy to cities.
To ---------- something means to describe it or show it in a picture. Her picture ---------- the house she grew up in when she was little.
To ---------- something means to turn it around in a circle. An airplane's propellers ---------- quickly to help it fly
A ---------- somethingyou buy to remind you ofa place or event. I bought a Russian doll as a ---------- from my trip to Moscow.
A ---------- is a boat that can go underwater for long periods of time. The ---------- dove under the sea so the enemy couldn't see it.
To ---------- something means to follow over it with the eyes or a finger. He ---------- over the graph with his finger.
An ---------- is a piece of equipment used for jobs in the home. Many homes have ---------- like ovens, toasters and refrigerators.
A ---------- is large bowl for washing things. A sink is sometimes called a basin. She filled the ---------- with water and washed her face.
A ---------- is a brush with a long handle used for cleaning floors. My father usually uses a ---------- to sweep away dust in the basement.
A ---------- is a small insect that looks like a worm and eats plants. After eating a lot of leaves, ---------- change into butterflies.
A ---------- is a piece of furniture that is used to store food or household items. We put all of our dishes and food in the ----------.
If something or someone is ----------, they are easy to break or harm. You should hold the baby carefully because she's very ----------.
To ---------- from something means to come out of it. The hand suddenly ---------- from the grave.
A ---------- is a condition that limits someone's mental or physical abilities. Joe has a slight ----------, so he uses a walker to get around.
A ---------- is a sharp curved piece of metal used for catching or holding things. The fish went after the sharp ----------.
To ---------- means to jump a short distance. The kangaroo quickly ---------- away from danger.
---------- is clothes that have been or need to be washed. He folded the clean laundry and put the dirty ---------- in a basket.
To ---------- someone or something is to chase or follow them. The mother ---------- her young child down the hill.
If someone is ----------, they do not want to do something. She was ---------- to eat the meager breakfast.
---------- are the part of a shirt where your arms go. Ryan bought a new shirt with long ---------- to keep his arms warm.
The ---------- is the bone that runs up and down the middle of the back. Our ---------- helps us to stand up nice and straight.
A ---------- is a dirty mark that is difficult to clean. He had a red ---------- on the collar of his shirt.
A ---------- is a long, narrow piece of material or land. He had long ---------- of film that held images of his trip abroad.
To ---------- means to promise to do something. I will put my hand on the Bible and ---------- to do my best for the country.
To ---------- something means to move it back and forth or from side to side. He can ---------- a g o lf club very powerfully.
To ---------- something means to use it for a specific purpose. They utilized a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon.