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Elizabeth's Problems upon Accession (becoming Quee

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Financial Problems: Debt
£300,000 debt when Elizabeth came to power.
Financial Problems: Taxes
Taxes were unpopular.
Financial Problems: Income
Money coming in was only £286,667.
Looked after the Crown's money.
Problems Abroad: Spain
Richest and most powerful country in Europe. Catholic country.
Problems Abroad: France
Catholic country. Mary, Queen of Scots related to royal family. Traditional enemy of England.
Problems Abroad: Scotland
Elizabeth's cousin, Mary, was Queen. She was a Catholic.
Many Catholics said Elizabeth was illegitimate (that her parents weren't really married).
Women's position in society
Men were more important. Unusual therefore to have a Queen.
Who should she marry? Foreigner = English unhappy; one Lord = other Lords unhappy.
Potential Suitors (husbands)
Robert Dudley; Philip II; Francis, Duke of Alencon.
Virgin Queen
Elizabeth never married, so was known as the 'Virgin Queen'.
Elizabeth's Religion
Henry VIII had changed (reformed) the Church, making himself Head of the Church.
Religion: Catholics
Most people were Catholics, especially in the North. Didn't like change.
Religion: Puritans
Did not want any Catholic things in the churches.
Civil War
War in one country. Potential result of failing to solve problem of religion.
Religion: compromise
Elizabeth had to find a compromise between Catholics and Puritans to avoid civil war.