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ბუღალტერი, someone who keeps or examines the records of money received, paid, and owed by a company or person:
ასაკი, the period of time someone has been alive or something has existed
არქიტექტორი, ხუროთმოძღვარი,a person whose job is to design new buildings and make certain that they are built correctly
მხატვარი, ფერმწერი, ხელოვანი, someone who paints, draws, or makes sculptures
bank clerk
კლერკი, an employee of a bank who deals with customers, receives and pays out money, etc.:
computer programmer
პროგრამისტი, a person whose job is to produce computer programs
კბილის ექიმი, a person whose job is treating people's teeth:
ელექტროტექნიკოსი, a person who puts in and checks electrical wires
ინჟინერი, a person whose job involves designing and building engines, machines, roads, bridges, etc.
დიასახლისი, a woman whose work is inside the home, doing the cleaning, cooking, etc., and who usually does not have any other job
ჟურნალისტი, a person who writes news stories or articles for a newspaper or magazine or broadcasts them on radio or television:
მოსამართლე, a person who is in charge of a trial in a court and decides how a person who is guilty of a crime should be punished, or who makes decisions on legal matters:
ადვოკატი, someone whose job is to give advice to people about the law and speak for them in court:
მოწყალების და, (the title given to) a person whose job is to care for people who are ill or injured, especially in a hospital:
საქმიანობა, ხელობა, პროფესია, a person's job: