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Electrons, Charge, Current, Potential, Power

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Symbol for an electron
9.1e-28 grams
Mass of an electron
Q or q
Variable for electric charge
C or coulomb
Unit of electric charge
-1.6e-19 C
Charge of an electron
I or i
Variable for electric current
A or ampere
Unit of electric current
1 C/sec.
Equal to 1 Ampere
N or newton
Unit of force
1 kg m/(s^2)
Equal to 1 Newton
J or joule
Unit of energy
1 N m
Equal to 1 Joule
V or Volt
Unit of electric potential
V or v
Variable for electric potential
1 J/C
Equal to 1 Volt
P or p
Variable for power
W or watt
Unit of power
1 J/sec.
Equal to 1 Watt
P = IV
Power of an electric current
18 Watts
Power delivered by a 9 volt battery supplying 2 amperes of current