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The Millennium, Ch 7 Titles

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Alfred Jewel
Fuller Brooch
New Minister Charter
Benedictional of St. Ethelwold
Eadwine Psalter
Ramsey Psalter
Arundel Psalter
Liber Vitae of New Minister
Quinity, New Minister Prayer Book
Santa María de Naranco
San Miguel de Escalada
Vimara and Johannes, Léon Bible
Florentius, Léon Bile
Mauis, Morgan Beatus
Emeterius and Senior, Tábara Apocalypse
Emerrius and Maius, Gerona Beatus
Madrid Psalter Commentary
Saint Sever Beatus
Prior Petrus, Silos Beatus
St. Cyriakus at Genrode
Virgin of Essen
Essen Candlestick
St. Michael at Hildesheim
Bronze Doors of St. Michael at Heldesheim
Bishop Bernward's Column
Frescos from St. George at Reichenau-Oberzell
Codex Egberti
Frontsispiece to Gregory the Great's Letter
Otto I Presenting Magdeburg Cathedral to Christ
Otto II Surronded by the Provinces
Gero Codex
Aachen Gospels (Liuthar Gospels)
Gospel of Otto III
Conrad II and Gisela with Christ in Majesty, Codex Aureus of Speyer Cathedral
Reichenau Sacramentary
Infancy Cycle, Codex Aureus of Echternach
Hitda Gospels
Uta Codex
Ivory Diptych of Moses and Doubting Thomas
Mainz Madonna and Child
Lothair Cross
Golden Altar of Henry II
Lectionary of Henry II
Imperial Mantle of Henry II
Werden Cruxifix
St. Martin du Canigou
Sant Vincenc
St. Genis des Fontaines
Cluny II
St. Philibert
Lorsch Gospels
Gero Crucifix