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Carolingian Art, Ch 5, Title

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Palace Chapel of Charlesmagne
San Vitale
Talisman of Charlesmagne
St.-Riquier Abbey at Centula
Abbey Church at Corvey
Gatehouse at Abbey of Lorsch
Arch of Constantine
Abbey Church of Our Savior
St. Gall
Chapel of Theodulf at Germigny-des-Pres
St. John
Crypt of St. Germain
Godscale Lectionary
Ada Gospels
Gospel of St. Mèdard of Soissons
Coronation Gospels
Ebbo Gospels
Utrecht Psalter
Louis I (the Pious) as a Christian Knight
Hrabanus Maurus's In Praise of the Holy Cross
Drogo Sacramentary
Lothar Gospels
Moûtier-Grandval Bible
Vivian Bible (First Bible of Charles the Bald)
Sacramentary of Metz
Trier Apocalypse
Equestrian Portrait of a Carolingian Emperor
Equestrain Portrait of Marcus Aurelius
Lorsch Gospels Ivory
Ivory cover of Oxford Lectionary Gospel
Situla (Holy Water Bucket)
Patan of Charles the Bald
Psalter of Charles the Bald
Ivory from the Periscopes of Henry II
Lindau Gospels
Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram
Enger Reliquary
Susanna Crystal
St. Ambrogio Altar at Milan
Santa Prassede
Apse Mosaic of Saints Cosmas and Damian
Reliquary Bust of Charlesmagne
Master of St. Giles, St. Giles Protecting a Deer from the Hunters of Charlemagne
Master of St. Giles, The Mass of St. Giles