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Santa Sabina
Santa Pudenziana
The Oratory of Gala Placidia
Arian Baptistry
Mausoleum of Theodoric
Sant' Apollinare Nuovo
Eagle-shaped Fibulae
Recceswinth Crown
San Juan de Banos
Sta Maria
San Pedro de la Nave
The Prince of Glauberg
Glauberg Torque
La Tene Sword
Soissons Cerunnos
Bouray God
Snettisham Torque
Dying Gaul
Holcombe Mirror
Skellig Micheal
The Cathach, opening of Psalm 53
Book of Durrow
Lagore Crannock Belt Buckle
Gospels of Willibrord (Echternach Gospels)
St Matthew, Lindisfarne Gospels
The scribe Ezra, Codex Amiatinus
Canterbury Codex
Monogram of Christ, Book of Kells
Crucifixion from Rinnagan
Tara Brooch
Ardagh Brooch
Ardagh Chalice
Ruthwell Cross
South Cross of Castledermott
Cross of the Muiredach
Shetland Papil Stone
Aberlemno Cross Slab
Items in the Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo
Franks Casket
Altar Frontal of Duke Ratchis
Sarcophagus Relief of Abbess Theodata
Sta. Maria-in-Valle
Cover of the Gospels of Theodelinda
Brescia Cross
Roman Vergil
Corpus Christi Gospels
A massive Burgundian buckle with belt plate
Cumberland Medallion
Gelasian Sacrementary
Gellone Sacramentary
St. Jean Baptistry
Crypt of St. Paul the Hermit
Gummersmark Brooch
Fibula in form of a Bird of Prey
Ship and Sled, Oseberg ship
Animal Headpost
Stora Hammars Picture Stone
The Jelling Stones
St. Nicholas
St. Andrew