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a small picture used in a WIMP system to represent a program folder or file
a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development
a computer language or syntax used to describe object interfaces by their names, methods, parameters, events and return types
image editor
a computer program that allows the user to make changes to images
image map
a graphic image with separate areas that contain hyperlinks to different parts of a website
a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world; created by surrounding the user of the VR system in images, sound or other stimuli that provide an engrossing total environment
the folder in an email program where emails are stored when they are first received
incremental backup
a type of backup that copies all the selected files that have been changed since the last full differential or incremental backup
in word processing, the distance, or number of blank spaces used to separate a paragraph from the left or right margins
index generation
the facility to automatically generate a sorted alphabetical index for a document
a set of links that can be used to locate records in a data file
industrial scientific and medical band
a set of radiowave frequencies centredarround 2.45GHz used for industrial scientific and medical devices and for Bluetooth devices
being inhabited by a computer virus
something that transmits a computer virus
inference engine
the part of the expert system that operates on the knowledge base and produces inferences
inference tree
the structure of a set of inferences which show how a conclusion was reached
information separators
control characters used to delimit the boundaries of pieces of information
information superhighway
an informal term for a global high-speed network providing communication services that are freely available to everyone, i.e. a highly-developed Internet system
information system
a computer-based system with the defining characteristic that it provides information to users in one or more organizations
Information Systems Manager
a person who manages a computer-based service that provides information that is useful to a particular organisation
key feature of object-oriented programming that allows specific instances of a class to inherit all the properties of the class, e.g. squares are a specific instance of rectangles and inherit all the properties of rectangles
done by employees of an organisation rather than people outside the organisation
to reboot or restart the computer
ink cartridge
a replaceable component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink (and sometimes the print head itself) that is deposited onto paper during printing; contains one or more partitioned ink reservoirs; certain manufacturers also add electronic contacts and a chip that communicates with the printer
inkjet printer
a printer that produces an image by squirting a fine jet of ink onto specially absorbent paper
input device
a piece of equipment used for putting data into a computer
input port
the socket into which an input device may be plugged on a computer
input tagging
a feature of word-processing software that allows text to be pre-coded with tags so that the correct format can be applied automatically
to put data into a system / data put into a system
the part of a computer system or the activity that is primarily dedicated to the passing of data into or out of the central processing until
instant messaging
a form of communication over the internet that offers the transmission of multimedia messages from sender to receiver or group of receivers in real time
instant messenger
a software utility that allows users connected to the internet or a corporate network to send text messages and files with other users, sometimes allowing to have voice calls and video chats over the internet e.g. PSI, Pidgin, Skype, Gadu-Gadu, Viber, WhatsApp...
an order given to a computer processor by a computer program
integrated circuit
an implementation of a particular electronic-circuit function in which all the individual devices required to realize the function are fabricated on a single chip of semiconductor
Integrated Services Digital Network
a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network
intelligent agent
a computer utility program that uses Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks for the user such as retrieving and delivering information and automating repetitive tasks
interactive video
a computerized video system used for learning or play, in which the user interacts with the video
allowing two-way communication so that the user can respond or interact with the system
the hardware or software that connects two systems or a user and a system and allows them to communicate with each other
internal memory
memory held within the CPU, the main storage or primary memory of the computer
Internet Control Message Protocol
a set of standards in the OSI network layer used for network diagnostics, transmission control, also in 'ping' and 'traceroute' utilities
Internet Mail Access Protocol
a set of standards for accessing email messages stored on an email server; Initially only message headers are retrieved, then users can organise or delete messages on the server and download individual messages
Internet of Things
the networked connection of physical objects; one of many technology transitions that enable the Internet of Everything
Internet Protocol
the basic set of standards for enabling computers to communicate over the Internet
internet protocol address
a code number assigned to every node on the Internet, which consists of a series of numbers that identify the major network and the sub-networks to which a node is attached and provides a path that gateways can use to route information from one machine to another
Internet Service Provider
an organisation that provides Internet connections for a fee
a program that converts other programs into machine code line by line as the programs are being used
intra frame
a type of image frame used in MPEG compression which contains only information in the picture itself
a computer network that is internal to an organisation and uses the TCP/IP protocol in the same way as the Internet
in a roleplaying game, it refers to the collection of items your character is currently carrying
the IP part of a TCP/IP system
IPS panel
screen technology used for LCDs that was designed to solve the main limitations of TN LCD's, such as relatively slow response time, strong viewing angle dependence and low-quality color reproduction
chat system developed by Jarkko Oikarinen in Finland in the late 1980s
a complete set of protocols for wireless infrared communications, an industry-driven interest group that was founded in 1993 by around 50 companies
iris recognition
a process of identifying a user by scanning their eyes
isolation adapter
an electronic device that isolates a network system from high voltages and allows it to use the mains electricity cables for connecting computers together and transferring data
a process that is repeated as long as certain conditions remain true