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sound output device that fits into the ear of the user
a common name for an electrical ground point or zero voltage point
computer program for making changes to text in computer programs or data
a system that has both educational and entertainment value
Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
the first electronic general-purpose computer; it was Turing-complete, digital, and capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing problems
email attachment
a file that is attached to an email message
facial expression represented by keyboard characters
the process of imitating a hardware/software program/platform on another program or platform
a key feature of object-oriented programming that bundles data and program instructions into modules called objects
to write information in a coded form
a computer program that converts WAV files into MP3 files or vice versa
to transform data into coded form to make it secure
the transformation of data into coded form to make it secure
another name for the RETURN key on a computer keyboard, pressing it inserts the data into the memory of the computer
environment variables
values that impact the processes and behavior of running computer systems and OS environments; running programs may access their values for configuration; included in all Unix operating systems and in most Microsoft operating systems
Electronic Program Guide
a service in MPEG TVs where users can check current TV programme, as well as get to know what will be aired next
EPOS till
acomputerised cash register that edits records in sales and stock control databases
used to remove areas of color from the current layer or from a selection of this layer
describing something which is designed to take into account the human who is to use it
error code correcting memory
a type of memory often used in server computers that automatically fixes simple memory errors without requiring the rebooting of the computer
error message
information that appears on a computer screen or other device to state that you have made a mistake or that something has gone wrong in a program battery, one or more electrochemical cells that converts stored chemical energy into electrical energy used to power electrical equipment
a hardware implementation of the ATA disk drive protocol for connecting external disk drives to computers, similar to SATA but uses different connectors
esoteric programming language
a computer programming language designed to experiment with weird ideas, to be hard to program in, or as a joke, rather than for practical use
a widely-used local area network standard that broadcasts packets of data that are addressed to particular devices on the network, where each device on the network reads the address and passes it on to the correct device
European Article Number
the European price and item codes commonly used in barcode systems
result of executing incorrect instructions eg divide by zero
containing instructions that can be run or executed by the processor
to perform a computer operation by processing a program instruction
able to accommodate additions to a computer system capacity or capabilities
expansion card
an electronic circuit board used for adding facilities to a computer
expansion slot
a long thin connector that is used for adding additional electronics in the form of expansion cards
expert system
an artificial intelligence program that collects and uses human expertise to allow non-experts to solve specialised problems
a piece of software, a chunk of data, or a sequence of commands that takes advantage of a bug or vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on computer
able to be added to, e.g. in a language of this kind a developer can add their own terms
external hard drive
removable hard disk drive that offers independence from system integration, establishing communication via connectivity options, such as USB
external schema
a user`s permitted view of data in a database
any peripheral device that is not housed inside the computer cabinet
a system of computers that makes it possible for particular organizations to communicate with each other and share information