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a set of standards for creating a data address in a TCP/IP message, used to indicate what application the message is supposed to contact and provides the final routing for the data within the receiving system
a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, a replacement for the BIOS
a third-generation, broadband, packet-based communications system based on the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication standard, providing the same services including the transmission of text-digitised voice video and multimedia to mobile computer and phone users throughout the world
to restore a file to the condition it was in before the last change was made
to remove the encryption from a file
modern standard for text representation; defines each of the letters and symbols used in digital and print media; first known as the Universal Character Set (UCS)
Uniform Resource Locator
the internet address of a webpage
uninterruptible power supply
a battery backup system that automatically provides power to a computer when the normal electricity source fails
unique key
a set of attributes, the values of which are guaranteed to be unique for each row in a relation
a popular multi-user multitasking operating system originally designed for mainframe computers, with a wide variety of existing versions
to return a computer file to its original size after it has been zipped
change that provides the latest version or to perform such a change
to add or change components to improve the features or performance of a system
to copy a file from a client computer to a server in a network
the signal path for receiving communications from a client computer to a server in a network
usage allowance
the amount of data that you are able to upload or download in a given time period; limited by your ISP
a connector interface standard for attaching peripheral devices to a computer
the internet service that allows users to communicate by means of newsgroups
user interface
the means of communicating between a human being and a computer
user–authentication system
a system that identifies users, e.g. using digital certificates
describing interactive systems that are designed to make the user’s task as easy as possible by providing feedback
the network account name assigned to a particular user
a program included with an operating system that can perform useful common routine tasks or housekeeping operations, e.g. formatting disks or copying files
a cable consisting of pairs of wires twisted together and insulated but not provided with a metallic shield
a string of characters used to denote a value stored within a computer which may be changed during execution
the screen of a computer terminal or PC
to check for accuracy
Vertical Industry Portal
a portal website that provides information and resources for a particular industry, the Internet’s way of catering to consumers focused-environment preferences
vertical refresh rate
the number of times per second that an image is written on a TV or computer screen, measured in kiloHerz
a standard for colour monitors developed by IBM for their PS/2 range of PCs
video conferencing
a form of communication over a network that uses video cameras so that the people taking part can see and hear each other
video game
a game in which the player controls moving pictures on a screen by pressing buttons
video memory
the memory used to store graphics data on a graphics card
virtual machine monitor
hostprogram that allows a computer to support multiple and identical execution environments
virtual reality
environment, real or imagined, which simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction
wirtual Router
a software-based routing framework that allows the host machine to perform as a typical hardware router over a local area network
virtual storage
when disks are connected to a computer and used as an extension of internal memory in order to increase the capacity of primary storage
virtual computer
simulated enabling the user to experience something without needing its physical presence
virus scanner
a type of antivirus program that searches a system for infected data
virus shield
a program that could detect a virus before the computer is infected
virus signature
certain characteristics of every computer virus that help it become discovered
a program written with the purpose of causing damage or causing a computer to behave in an unusual way
to check for viruses
systems and devices used to create a virtual reality environment
voice clip
a short sound recording of the human voice
voice coil
a device that moves a disk drive actuator arm using electromagnetism, it works more quickly than a stepper motor
voice recognition
a system that can respond to words spoken by a human being
voice synthesis
the generation of a human-sounding voice using electronic circuits
voice synthesizer
an electronic device that generates sounds that represent the human voice
a set of standards for enabling phone calls to be made across the Internet
an instrument used to measure voltage
another name for a disk or a partition
a network where data is transferred over the Internet using security features preventing unauthorized access