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Shown only as negative; M and LM sacrifice their morals to achieve their desires.
Macbeth is at first stunned by regret, can’t sleep and LM is driven mad by her guilt.
Witches, apparitions and M’s belief in prophecy
M seeks to achieve his goals solely through battle and murder.
Order and Disorder
Natural order is disrupted then re-established. M inverts the order of royal succession; LM inverts the patriarchal hierarchy.
Masculinity / Femininity
LM challenges M’s manliness and dismisses her femininity to commit dark deeds. Witches too described as having beards.
Kingship vs tyranny
Duncan is presented as a good King whereas M is a tyrant usurper.
Fate and free will
Ambiguous if M is to blame or no choice because of those manipulating him.
Appearance vs reality
Characters hallucinate visions and sounds and deceive, hiding their true thoughts.