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in a radical, the number above the radical symbol that indicates which root is to be taken: if nothing is written we assume it is 2.
the number under a radical sign
an expression consisting of a radical sign, a radicand, and an index
a quick way of saying "square root", for example "root 2" means √2
in the expression a^n, a is the base
in the expression a^n, n is the exponent
in the expression a^n
a value that is accurate
a value that is close to the actual value, but not completely accurate or exact.
Terminating Decimal
a decimal that does not continue on forever; it ends.
Repeating Decimal
a decimal number that has digits that repeat on forever.
Irrational Numbers
A number that cannot be written in the form m/n, where m and n are integers, n≠0. The decimal representation of an irrational number neither terminates nor repeats
Rational Numbers
a number that can be written as a fraction, with the denominator not 0. Its decimal representation either repeats or terminates.
Whole Numbers
Natural Numbers
Mixed Radicals
consists of both a radical as well as a coefficient that comes before it.
Entire Radicals
everything is placed under the radical symbol/root (as the radicand)
Simplest Form
A radical is in simplest form if the radicand does not contain a fraction or any factor which may be removed, and the radical is not part of the denominator of a fraction.
The reciprocal of a number is one divided by that number The reciprocal of x is 1/x