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to watch
je regarderai
I will watch
tu regarderas
you (singualr; familiar) will watch
il regardera
he will watch
elle regardera
she will watch
nous regarderons
we will watch
vous regarderez
you (plural / polite) will watch
ils regarderont
they (m) will watch
elles regarderont
they (f.) will watch
to finish
je finirai
I will finish
tu finiras
you (singualr; familiar) will finish
il finira
he will finish
elle finira
she will finish
nous finirons
we will finish
vous finirez
you (polite / plural) will finish
ils finiront
they (m.) will finish
elles finiront
they (f.) will finish
to sell
je vendrai
I will sell
tu vendras
you (singualr; familiar) will sell
il vendra
he will sell
elle vendra
she will sell
nous vendrons
we will sell
vous vendrez
you (plural / polite) will sell
ils vendront
they (m.) will sell
elles vendront
they (f.) will sell
je serai
I will be
tu seras
you (singualr; familiar) will be
il sera
he will be
elle sera
she will be
ce sera
it will be
nous serons
we will be
vous serez
you (polite; plural) will be
ils seront
they (m.) will be
elles seront
they (f.) will be
je ferai
I will do / I will make
tu feras
you (singular; familiar) will do / you will make
il fera
he will do / he will make
elle fera
she will do / she will make
nous ferons
we will do / we will make
vous ferez
you (plural / polite) will do / you will make
ils feront
they (m.) will do / they will make
elles feront
they (f.) will do / they will make
I will go
tu iras
you (singualr; familiar) will go
il ira
he will go
elle ira
she will go
nous irons
we will go
vous irez
you (plural / polite) will go
ils iront
they (m.) will go
elles iront
they (f.) will go
I will have
tu auras
you (singular; familiar) will have
il aura
he will have
elle aura
she will have
nous aurons
we will have
vous aurez
you (polite / plural) will have
ils auront
they (m.) will have
elles auront
they (f.) will have