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Dew, Fog, Clouds

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When moist air rises, it cools, and water vapour in the air condenses to form clouds. Can mean rain, snow fog, dew, clouds.
Absolute Humidity
Refers to the amount of water vapor that is in the air.
Dew Point
When the air saturated with water and it begins to condense and precipitate.
Relative Humidity
The percentage of water vapor in the air (from 0-100%) versus its capacity. Therefore: CONTENT/CAPACITY x 100= %
Condensed water vapor that forms on solid surfaces.
Frozen water vapor that has condenses and frozen on solid surfaces.
Forms when air close to the ground is cooled to its dew point. Water vapor condenses to form a low laying cloud.
Radiation Fog
Forms at night when the ground cools the air above it so the relative humidity goes up and fog forms.
Advection Fog
Occurs when moist air passes over a cool surface by wind and is cooled.
High Clouds
Cirrus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus. 7000-13000 meters in altitude.
Middle Clouds
Altostratus, altocumulus. 2000-7000 meters in altitude.
Low Clouds
Stratocumulus, stratus, nimbostratus. 300-2000 meteres in altitude.
Vertical Clouds
Cumulonimbus, cumulus. Extend between 500-13000 meters in altitude.
Cumulus Clouds
Puffy in appearances, like a cotton ball.
Cirrus Clouds
Very thin and "wispy" clouds. High in the sky.
Stratus Clouds
Horizontal layers, layered like a cake. Fairly low laying clouds.
Orographic Precipitation
When clouds are forced up and over a mountain.
Windward Side
Moist side of a mountain where clouds are forced to drop their water vapor.
Leeward Side
Dry side of a mountain that clouds are forced over. Little to no moisture is left to precipitate here.
Frontal Precipitation
When 2 air masses meet. Warm air is forced to rise in all situations.
Convection Precipitation
Sun heats the ground which heats the air causing it rise. Air rises and cools, dew point is reached and it rains. Creates vertical clouds.