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Global Winds

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Prevailing winds
Another name for global winds. Named after the direction from where they blow.
A global wind that blows from west to east between 30o and 60o degrees latitude.
Global Winds
Winds that blow across the surface of the earth. Affected by the rotation of the earth, and high and low pressure zones.
A global wind that blows from east to west between 60o and 90o degrees latitude.
Trade Winds
Winds that blow from east to west between 0º and 30º degrees latitude.
Very calm winds at or very near the equator.
Coriolis Effect
The Earth spinning on its axis is responsible for the curving of winds, so winds in North Hemisphere curve to the right and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere.
Low Pressure
Rising air, cloud formation, resulting in rain.
High Pressure
Sinking air, clear skies, little to no rain, dry and stable air.
Sea Breeze
Sun-heated air over land rises (Low pressure) Cooler air over water sinks (High pressure).
Land Breeze
Night air over land cools fast (High pressure) Air over water stays warmer (Low pressure).