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Croissant - Comparatives and superlatives

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plus facile que
easier than
moins intéressant que
less interesting than
moins difficile que
less difficult than
plus ennuyeux que
more boring than
aussi bavard que
as chatty as
plus passionnant que
more exciting than
aussi rigolo que
as funny as
plus doué que
more talented than
plus travailleur que
more hard-working than
aussi paresseux que
as lazy as
moins sympa que
less nice than
meilleur que
better than
pire que
worse than
autant que
as much / as many as
la personne la plus pénible
the most annoying person
la matière la plus amusante
the most fun subject
le sport le plus énergique
the most energetic sport
mon copain le plus gentil
my kindest friend
la plus grande montagne
the biggest mountain
le plus jeune membre de ma famille
the youngest member of my family
la personne la moins égoïste
the least selfish person
le meilleur sport
the best sport
la pire règle
the worst rule
de plus en plus
more and more
de moins en plus
less and less
de plus en plus agaçant
more and more annoying
de moins en moins compliqué
less and less complicated