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Maūe loǒ ǎm xōn kôp-pá ǎm lií
You must not smoke because it is bad
Kau fěk Xaām Taī koī-waa Kau ǎm moó taàn
I study Shan but I can't speak it.
Hán-waa Kau keek Mēng Xeém, Kau hǎk longkin Thaī hêhm longkin Xeém
Although I like China, I love Thai food more than Chinese food.
Kau fěk Xaām Taī Taûexoōng yaû kôp-pá Kau xaì kaǎ Taûexoōng
I learned Dehong Dai because I want to go to Dehong.
Kau kàw fěk Xaām Taī Taûexoōng yaû!
I also learned Dehong Dai!