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how are things
how is your situation
Iike a house on fire
like very good friends
break the ice
be relaxed and friendly
didn't get off to a good start
didn't start well
didn't hit it off
didn't have a good relationship (when first meeting)
came across as
seemed to be or appeared to be
in a flash
very quickly
it dawned on me
it became clear to me
get the wrong idea about (someone)
having a chat
talking informally
taken aback
surprised and shocked
overstepped the mark
behaved in an unacceptable way
the dos and don'ts
things you should do and the things you shouldn't do
put our foot in it
said or done something embarrassing
an eye opener
a situation to learn from
jump to conclusions
form an opinion before having enough information
easier said than done
It sounds easy to do but is difficult to do
give (people) the benefit of the doubt
believe people are acting honestly, even if I'm not sure
when all is said and done
when everything is considered
into (something)
very involved in
take a raincheck
say no to this invitation (but may accept at another time)
(go) at the drop of a hat
(go) willingly and immediately, without hesitation
keep it in mind
I'll remember that
doesn't do much for me
doesn't interest or excite me
take up (a sport)
start participating in (a sport)
I wouldn't mind
I would like to (try)
to tell you the truth
really, actually, in fact
up to it
capable or fit enough to do it
give (it) up
quit, stop doing (it)
time on my hands
have some free time available
a couch potato
an inactive, lazy person
get into shape
to become physically fit
try my hand at
try, test my skillat
play by the book
follow the rules
do my own thing
do things the way I want to and be independent
go overboard
become too extreme
full on
too intense, extreme
Long time no see!
I haven't seen you for a long time!
health kick
special health program
the works
all things relating to this (topic)
burnt out
very tired
energy or excitement
get up and go
energy to do things
on top of the world
very well and happy
paid off
has been successful
worked out (at the gym)
exercised your body (at the gym)
got me off to a good start
helped me begin well
good frame of mind
good way of thinking
when it comes to (something)
with regard to (something)
very good to eat
(plans) go out the window
(plans) are forgotten# don't happen
'Old habits die hard'
It's difficult to change habits you've had a long time
way of thinking# opinions
green vegetables
so called (something)
incorrectly called (something)
on the right track
doing the right thing for success
in no time
very soon# quickly
you name it
and many more things (that I could mention)
turn over a new leaf
start doing things in a better way
made up my mind
getting together
There's no point
There's no good reason or purpose
fix up
repair or improve
a drop in the ocean
a very small amount; not enough for what is needed
it's up to
it's the decision and responsibility of (someone)
take the lead
be an example to other people
Our hands are tied
We don't have the power to do anything
when it comes to the crunch
when the situation has become serious
everyone's business
something everyone should know about
pull together
get behind (the campaign)
support (the campaign)
do our bit
help to do some of the work
It'll take more than that
That will not be enough, it will require more.
lending a hand
joined in
participated, became involved in
take up
begin (doing an activity)
setting up
beginning and preparing (for something)
take part
be involved, participate
point taken
I understand your idea,opinion.
Such as?
What is an example (of that)?
(a) get-together
(an) informal meeting with friends
count you in
include you
l'll pass
l'll say'no', not accept (the invitation)
come clean (about something)
be honest (about something)
have a thing about (something)
have a dislike of (something)
lose face
look foolish
get out of doing (something)
avoid doing (something)
grin and bear it
do something even if I don't want to
hold my breath
wait nervously (for something to happen)
Touch wood
I hope the good situation continues.
take (something or someone)
Take as an example of this (something or someone)
creepy crawlies
scared stiff
very afraid
freaked out
acted strangely because I was afraid
found out
wasn't fazed
wasn't worried
have a sense of humour
be able to see funny situations in everyday life
jumps out of his skin
gets a sudden, bad shock
working on it
trying to improve the situation
(not) let it get the better of (you)
(not) let a problem control (you)
mind over matter
the power of your thoughts affecting how you feel
don't let it get out of hand
don't let the situation get out of control
had a lot on my plate
had a lot of work to do
on edge
nervous, not relaxed
(not) get on with
(not) have a good relationship with
from the word go
from the beginning
bent over backwards
tried very hard to please (someone)
keeping tabs on (me)
watching (me and what lwas doing)
don't see eye to eye
don't agree
spat the dummy
spoke angrily
bit my tongue
didn't say anything although I wanted to
a show-off
a person who tells others he is very good
full of himself
pleased with himself & thinks he is so important
Come on# get on with (something)
Hurry, continue with (something; an activity)
That's it!
l'm going to dealwith this situation!
get this off my chest
talk (to someone) about this problem
have it out
to talk openly about (a problem) with someone
to cut a long story short
I'll tell you only the main part of the story
all smiles
look very friendly, happy
caught me off guard
surprised me (l was not expecting it)
taken with (someone or something)
pleased and impressed with (someone or something)
a good sport
a pleasant person who doesn't complain
the punch line
the last part of the story that makes it interesting
asked me out
invited me to go out somewhere
you're pulling my leg
you're telling me something that is not true
lost for words
unsure what to say
changed your tune
changed your opinion
down and out
very poor, with no job
sweep it under the carpet
try to hide or forget about (it)
bring it on themselves
cause the problem for themselves
pick up the pieces
fix the problem after a difficult sihntion
at a low ebb
feeling depressed, unhappy
get back on my feet
become independent again
'The buck stops here'
'l'm responsible for the result of my decision'
black and white
simple issues of being completely right or completely wrong
ins and outs
all the details
get a raw deal
be treated unfairly
one thing leads to another
one situation causes another situation
can't get out of the rut
can't change the bad situation
a vicious circle
a situation in which one problem creates more problems
ups and downs
good and bad experiences
That's life!
We must accept the things that happen (in our life).
a chip on my shoulder
an angry, resentful attitude
get on with it
continue my usual activities
pulled strings
used influence with important people to get something
looked out for (someone)
helped and cared for (someone)
turn our back on
a chain reaction
one situation causes another situation
I see what you're getting at
I understand what you're explaining
turning a blind eye
ignoring something because you don't want to do anything about it
a buzz
an exciting feeling
in the thick of
very involved in
getting to the bottom of
finding the answer to
a cover-up
something that has been kept as a secret from people
digging up dirt
finding bad information (about someone)
(a topic is) close to home
makes me uncomfortable because it affects me personally
touches a nerve
is upsetting (for someone)
a fine line between
only a very small difference between
a hidden agenda
a different meaning to the one openly spoken about
to do with
relating to (something)
big business
large #powerful companies
a watchdog
a group that makes sure companies act legally
toe the line
behave in the correct way
get away with murder
do whateverthey want to without control or punishment
keeping an eye on
carefully watching
put it in a good light
present (the situation) as a good thing
put it in a bad light
present it as a bad thing
read between the lines
understand the realmeaning,not just what is written or spoken
stop at nothing
do anything
bending the truth
saying something that is not completely true
Having said all that
However, in summary
on the whole
I couldn't have put it better myself
I agree completely.
in the pipeline
(something) that is being planned
quick off the mark
quick to act on an opportunity
on the lookout for
searching for
on paper
as a plan (but may not showthe complete situation)
gone over the fine print
checked the important legal information
fell through
failed to happen
wrapped up
get in on the act
get involved in the activity
a question mark over (something)
doubt about (something)
fair dinkum
genuine, honest, truthful
playing for time
delay doing anything while deciding what to do
pulled the plug
stopped the dealfrom continuing
I get the picture
I understand the situation
back to square one
have to start again
out of pocket
with less money than we should have
be up front
clear and honest
in the market for (something)
interested in buying (something)
You've come to the right place
We have what you are looking for.
Just the same
part and parcel
an expected part of (something)
hard to come by
difficult to find
want a piece of the action
want to get involved in this activity
be first off the mark
act more quickly than anyone else