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lesson 4 Weddings\funerals

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Atham allah ajrak. عظم الله أجرك
Upon meeting at funeral (May god gives you greeter alms)
Ajerna wa ajrak. أجرنا وأجرك
Replay to condolences (our alms and yours too)
Akher el-ahzan enshallah. أخر الأحزان ان شاء لله
Before leaving (May this be your last sorrow.)
tawaffa توفى
He died
tawaffat توفت
She died
mow tموت
Mlijh ملجة
marriage ceremony
3ars عرس
Wedding party
Eistiqbal استقبال
reception party
Hadia هدية
El3arus العروس
The bride
Elm3res المعرس
The groom
Mink elmala wa minhaa eleyal منك المال و منها العيال
what to say to the groom
Allah yaSALmik \ Allah yaSALmich
the groom's replay