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Bilingual dictionary
This uses translation from one language into another language for definitions and examples.
To get advice or information from someone or something.
Cross reference
A note that tells the reader of a book to go to another place in the book to get more information, e.g. in a dictionary entry for early it might say: early arriving before the planned time. OPP LATE. This is showing the reader that there is information about late in another entry.
An item, for example a piece of information that is written or printed in a dictionary about a word, e.g. easy I i:zi / adj, adv. 1. not difficult, and not needing much physical and mental effort: an easy job.
A word whose meaning is explained in a dictionary. It usually appears in bold at the top of a dictionary entry, e.g. run to move using your legs, going faster than you can walk.
Monolingual dictionary
This uses only the target language for headwords, definitions, examples etc.
Phonemic chart
A poster or large diagram of the phonemic symbols arranged in a particular order.
Reference resources
The materials which teachers and learners can use to find or check information, e.g. grammar books, dictionaries or CD-ROMS.
A type of dictionary in which words with similar meanings are grouped together.