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simple future (will)

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Tu joueras
you will play
je prendrai
I will take
nous attendrons
we will wait
Il / elle mangera
he/ she will eat
Je regarderai
I will watch
Vous téléphonerez
You will phone
Ils / Elles changeront
they will change
Je finirai
I will finish
elle s’amusera
she will enjoy herself
ils sortiront
they will go out (m)
elles écriront
they will write (f)
Ils dormiront
they will sleep (m)
I will go
I will have
je courrai
I will run
je devrai
I will have to
I will send
je ferai
I will do/ make
je serai
I will be
je pourrai
I will be able to
je recevrai
I will receive
je saurai
I will know
je viendrai
I will come
je deviendrai
I will become
je verrai
I will see