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imperfect/ imparfait

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it was
il y avait
there was/ were
il faisait
he was doing/ it was (with weather)
I used to go/ was going
je buvais
I was drinking/ used to drink
je nageais
I was swimming/ used to swim
nous regardions
we were watching/ used to watch
ils étaient
they were (masculine/ mixed group)
I was
nous étions
we were/ used to be
nous mangeions
we were eating/ used to eat
elle jouait
she was playing/ used to play
Il choisissait
he used to choose
I used to listen/ was listening
Il pleuvait
it was raining/ used to rain
je parlais
I used to speak/ was speaking
I used to learn/ was learning
je visitais
I was visiting/ used to visit
je faisais
I was doing/ used to do
je me couchais
I used to go to bed