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Strong starter sentences/ synonyms : giving opinio

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En ce qui me concerne...
Pour ma part
Si vous voulez mon opinion, il est....de....
If you want my opinion, it's ... to ...
J’ai l’impression que...
I am of the opinion/ impression that
Je pense que
I think that
Je crois que
I believe that
Je trouve que
I find that
Je préfère...
I prefer
Je considère que
I consider/ think that
J’estime que...
I consider/ think that
J’imagine que
I imagine/ think that
Je suppose que
I assume that
A mon avis c’est....
In my opinion, it is
Selon moi/ D’après moi
According to me
Pour moi......est important
For me/ to me ... is important
En ce qui concerne....
With respect to ... / concerning
.....c’est une bonne idée
it is a good idea