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Ethical Issues ( Drugs, player conduct etc)

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The unwritten rules of concerning player behaviour.
Appropriate, polite and fair behaviour while participating in a sporting event.
Coming close to breaking the rules to gain an advantage in a sport. Eg time wasting when you are winning in a game.
A natural stimulant that is used to increase alertness.
Make athletes more alert and mask the effects of fatigue.
Narcotic analgesics
Painkillers that mask the pain caused by injury. These can make injuries worse.
Anabolic agents
Drugs that help athletes train harder and build muscle. These are banned and very addictive.
Peptide hormones (EPO)
EPO increases the number of red blood cells and therefore improves oxygen delivery to the muscles.
Drugs that remove fluid from the body. These can cause dehydration.
Blood doping
Artificially increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood.
Beta blockers
Drugs taken to calm performer down by reducing the effects of adrenaline.
Rowdy, violent or destructive behaviour.