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Making training specific to the needs of the sport and athlete.
Progressive overload
Gradually training harder than normal to improve fitness levels.
If training stops, fitness levels and the benefits of training decrease.
Being bored during training.
How often someone trains
How hard you train.
How long you train for.
What training method is used.
Circuit training
A series of exercises performed at stations with periods of work and rest.
Continuous training
Training for a long period of time without rest.
Fartlek training
training with changes in speed.
Interval training
Training with periods of work and periods of rest.
Plyometric training
Explosive training used to improve power. Usually through bounding, hopping and jumping.
Static stretch training
Stretching to the limit and holding a stretch to improve flexibility.
Weight training
Training that involves lifting weights to improve strength.
This happens before the main competition phase and is used to improve general fitness levels specific to the athletes sport.
Peak season
This is the main competition and the focus is on maintaining fitness and improving specific skills.
Post season
This is when the main competition is over and the focus is on rest to recover from the season.