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P2.4 Current Electricity

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Electric current
Flow of electric charge. The size of an electric current (in amperes, A) is the rate of flow of charge.
Charging by friction
The process of charging certain insulating materials by rubbing with a dry cloth, causing electrons to transfer between the material and the cloth.
A dense particle found in the nucleus of an atom. It is electrically neutral, carrying no charge.
Ohm's law
The current through a resistor at constant temperature is directly proportional to the potential difference across the resistor.
Ohmic conductor
A conductor that has a constant resistance and therefore obey's Ohm's law.
This = potential difference (volts, V) / current (amperes, A)
Components connected in a circuit so that the same current that passes through them are in ****** with each other.
Static electricity
Charge 'held' by an insulator or an insulated conductor.
The unit of potential difference, equal to energy transfer per unit charge in joules per coulomb.
Components connected in a circuit so that the potential difference is the same across each one.
Potential Difference
A measure of the work done or energy transferred to the lamp by each coulomb of charge that passes through it. The unit of this is the volt.
Nucleus (of an atom)
The very small and dense central part of an atom which contains protons and neutrons.
A tiny positive particle found inside the nucleus of an atom.
A very tiny negative particle found outside the nucleus of an atom.