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P2.2 Forces

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Limit of proportionality
The limit for Hooke's law applied to the extension of a stretched spring.
Hooke's Law
The extension of a spring is directly proportional to the force applied, provided its limit of proportionality is not exceeded.
A material that it is able to regain its shape after it has been squashed or stretched.
Gravitational Field Strength, g
The force of gravity on an object of mass 1 kg (in newtons per kilogram, N/kg).
This can change the motion of an object (in newtons, N)
Drag force
A force opposing the motion of an object due to fluid (e.g. air) flowing past the object as it moves.
Braking Distance
The distance travelled by a vehicle during the time its' brakes act.
The quantity of matter in an object; a measure of the difficulty of changing the motion of an object (in kilograms, kg)
Resultant force
The combined effect of the forces acting on an object.
Stopping distance
Thinking distance + braking distance.
Thinking distance
The distance travelled by the vehicle in the time it takes the driver to react.
Terminal velocity
The velocity reached by an object when the drag force on it is equal and opposite to the force making it move.
The force of gravity on an object (in newtons, N).