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Puppet Warp
A Photoshop CC tool which allows the user to specify pivot points
Quick Selection Tool
A Photoshop CC selection tool in which a user can select a specific pixel
Red Green Blue (RGB) is a color model in which red
Raster Image
A graphic image type that displays a grid of pixels. The raster image type is used in various image files with varying formats.
The number of pixels displayed per unit of printed length in an image
Rotate Tool
A Photoshop CC transform tool used to rotate an object from a specific reference point.
A peripheral device used for scanning images and converting them into digital data.
Snap To
A Photoshop CC function that forces an object to line up with guidelines or other predefined objects such as rulers.
Truevision TGA (TARGA) is a raster-based video file format that is used to save video formats and was created by Truevision
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a flexible bitmap or raster image format with a wide application support base.
Type Tool
A Photoshop tool used to enter type and vector graphics onto a document.
A graphic image type that defines an image using paths rather than pixels. It
The layout of panels and tool boxes in the Photoshop application which may be arranged and saved by the user.
Zoom Tool
A Photoshop navigation tool used to zoom in and out on an image.