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Floating Panel
A panel that can be moved anywhere within the workspace. A floating panel is not docked to one area. Any panel can become a floating panel.
Free Transform
A tool used to for adjusting a selected images scale with the mouse.
A feature which allows more tones to be included in an adjustment.
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap or raster file format used by the World Wide Web. Limited to 256 colors
Gradient Map
A feature which maps the tones in an image to a selected gradient.
A color mode with a maximum of 256 colors that renders an image in a range of grays from white to black.
A Photoshop layout tool that is used to help a user to align or position properties of a document.
A graph which depicts all the different tones of the image.
History Brush Tool
A tool that restores an image to its original state by painting in the original information.
Intellectual Property
An idea