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Burn Tool
A blending tool used to increase the amount of exposure to be applied to a specified area of an image.
Cineon (CIN) is a video raster-based file format that is used with video formats and is proprietary to Kodak.
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) is a color model where cyan
Camera Raw
A method of displaying
The workspace where an image is attached.
An optical depiction for each of the colors of light (red
Character Panel
A Photoshop CC panel that provides the user with the ability to change text attributes
Clone Stamp Tool
A tool in Photoshop CC that samples a specific portion of an image that can be applied to another image or another part of the same image. The Clone Stamp tool is useful for removing image artifacts or for repairing missing portions of an image.
Color Picker
A Photoshop CC tool and dialog box used to choose or define colors for the background and foreground using a color spectrum or numerical values.
Color Profile
A color management tool that is used to define the range of colors within a color model that is represented within the profile.