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A recorded step or series of steps that can be saved and played back in order to apply similar changes to multiple images.
Adobe Bridge
An application within Photoshop that is used to manage and browse files and file folders.
Aspect Ratio
The affiliation of the width and height in an image?s proportions.
Auto Tone
A feature which maximizes the tonal range in each channel of the image.
Batch Processing
A process within Photoshop CC that allows the user to automatically perform the same set of operations on a selection of files.
Bevel and Emboss
A layer style that adds a combination of shadows and highlights to a layer.
Bitmap Mode
An image mode that uses black or white color values to represent the pixels in an image.
Blending Mode
An option specified in the options bar or Layers panel that controls the interaction of pixels in adjacent layers or how pixels are affected by painting/editing tools.
Blur Tool
A Photoshop focus tool used to reduce detail on precise areas of an image.
Brush Tool
A drawing tool in Photoshop CC which gives the user the ability to draw freestyle using a variety of styles