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Fallacies of Relevance

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Appeal to ignorance
We don't know that proposition p is true, so p is false; we don't know that proposition p is false, so p is true
Appeal to illegitimate authority
Appeals to someone or something as an authority on a particular subject who is not an authority on that subject
Argument against the person
Replies to an argument by attacking the credibility of the arguer rather than the argument that was presented
Appeal to emotion
When an argument takes the fact that believing that a statement makes you "feel good" is sufficient reason to believe the statement is true.
Appeal to pity
Takes an emotional response to an unfortunate situation as a reason to believe or act in a certain way
Appeal to force
When an argument includes an implicit but unwarranted (or inappropriate) threat
Irrelevant conclusion
An argument that draws a conclusion that is not suggested by the premises