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Culture & Identity- Part 9

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Sex vs Gender
Sex is our biological make up whereas Gender results from cultural expectations. Feminists believe gender is created from todays sexist socialisation process.
Anne Oakley (1972)
Analysed that girls were socialised into their gender and by five had a strong social identity. e.g Dressing up as princess= passive kind female
Mac an Ghaill (1994)
Changes in labour market has led to male confusion. A response is to revert to being macho reading magazines like NUTS and laddish culture.
New Man
A man who is more in touch with his feminine side, LIBERAL FAMINISTS see them as a sign that increased equality is occuring between men and women
Michael Foucault (1976)
Suggests the way sexuality is expressed is dependent on DISCOURSES present in society at the time
Typical way of speaking, seeing and understanding a particular group or activity.
Carries less social stigma than it did in the past therefore more people feel comfortable coming out
Benedict Anderson (1983)
A nation is a imagined community in which millions of people who will never actually meet each other see themselves as belonging to a country
Stuart Hall (1992)
In his book OUR MONGREL SELVES, points out that most modern nations are so diverse that in may result in a confused sense of national identity
Tariq Modood (Postmodernist)
Recognises the development of hybrid identities such as BLACK BRITISH AND ASIAN BRITISH
Positives of Ethnicity
High academic achievements of Chinese Asians and Celebrations such as Notting hill Carnival