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Culture & Identity- Part 8

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In modern day, there are so many choices avaliable to us that our identity always changes and is reconstructed all the time through cultural commodities
Postmodernist and Identity
e.g. Age and Class are not as important as we can counter these factors by having cosmetic surgery or buying branded shoes or gadgets. Identity is less rigid than it once was
Harriet Bradley (1997)
A Postmodernist which believed we need elements of both modernist and postmodernist theories to understand identity in todays society
Passive (Bradleys levels of identity)
Source of identity that is recongnised but not as important in our everyday lives. e.g voting for labour without realising its a party created from class struggle
Active (Bradleys levels of identity)
We are consciously aware of our membership of a group. e.g Woman failing to get promotion
Politicised (Bradleys levels of identity)
At the forefront of our sense of identity and actions. e.g Gay rights protests
Class not Important (Postmodernist)
Because identity is no longer devrived by work by instead leisure e.g Working class can buy luxury goods like Iphone normally associated with upper classes